Thursday, December 7, 2017

Living With Intention

Saying it is almost New Years and a time for reflection would be the easy explanation, but the truth is I have been in a pretty consistent period of reflection for quite some time, thinking about what is working, realizing what is not, and adjusting accordingly. With those realizations and adjustments I have experienced some growing pains as I create new patterns, learn to set boundaries, honor myself and prioritize my time, self care and the needs of myself and my family, yet with those pains comes the growth, and that has been so deeply needed.

As I continue to heal and grow I am trying to step back and leave space for what's to come and by doing so I am allowing what has been here all along to be reawakened and given space in my life so it can finally start to flourish. While it sounds so simple and it really is at the root of it all, it has not been an entirely smooth ride and I know I will continue to come along bumps and curves as I practice these new behaviors and as I try on things for size, realizing that not all of them will be the right fit. The good thing is, many will be and many already are and by allowing time and space in my life for that discovery I am giving myself the best gift of all this season as I allow myself to be myself in a more authentic way than I have ever allowed before.

This journey has brought me into diving deeper into herbal studies and has poked at my vulnerable spots in an attempt to get me writing again as well, so I will be making it a point to come here to do so. Meanwhile, here are some things I have been doing to aid in my self care and growth:

  • Walking with my sister. Two or three times a week we meet up and walk for about an hour and a half. By prioritizing this physical exercise I am benefiting in many ways. 
  • Making a meal plan and grocery list for around 10 days at a time. By doing so I have reduced the mental stress that I feel when I don't have a dinner plan or have the things I need to keep us all well fed. 
  • Exploring my interest! Making those herbal remedies, signing up for things that make me feel vulnerable so I can grow, taking time to knit, printing photos that make me smile, reading books that help me grow and stay inspired, gardening in any way I can, and more.
  • Weekly questions and connection with my guy. We're only two weeks in, but this has been wonderful self care and made a really big impact for us both already and led to positive changes in our lives and habits. 
  • Giving myself 15-30 minutes of "mom time" in the morning. E always cooks breakfast and has some time with the girls before starting work in the morning, so I've started taking a bit of time to read some inspirational boosts, jot down any insights and have a quick 5 minutes of meditation and getting my head on straight before I come's been wonderful and made a huge difference in my patience and level of connection during the day.
  • Giving myself a bedtime and wake up time. This one is new and the biggest challenge for me as I really love staying up late, but it has been leaving me feeling better rested and more patient already and I know it's something I really need to do right now to be my best for myself and my family, so I am sticking to it. 
  • All the little good stuff: bath and book time, flower tinctures with intention and pulling a Soul Flower card, gratitude journal, warm cups of tea, nourishing foods, fresh air, planning ahead, etc. 
It can sound like so much, but they really are all such small changes individually and the longer each one is in place the easier they are to continue with as they become part of my new normal and as I see the positive impact of these adjustments.

While this is a pretty full time of year and maybe not the ideal time to be in such a time of transition into new habits, I have found it to be the best time for me as I feel like this work requires me to go inward in some big ways and it feels like the natural time of year to do so, even with more going on around me. I figure, if I can succeed in putting these healthy habits into place at this time of year it should be even easier at any other time and really, this is the time of year that I really need them most.

How about you? Do you have any self care practices that you count on to stay balanced or to aid in your own growth? Do you find yourself leaning more on those practices during the holiday season or letting them go a bit as things get busy? I'd love to know.

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  1. THis speaks to me soooo much Sara. I almost feel like the entire of last year was reflection time. It was needed though, and I am feeling so much lighter this year. Lots of time by the sea, writing, yoga and meditation is self-care for me and I too am planning on learning new things (flower essences), and heading to bed earlier is essential for me. I hope you've had a beautiful start to the New Year. Elisa xx