Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wishes and Dreams

A couple days ago I was trimming snap peas at the counter and the girls came up to me with this Things to Make and Do journal they had unearthed in the basement, wanting to show me one of the artworks they found inside. Having not seen this book since we moved I was curious to flip through and see what was inside and I felt such happiness as I looked through and was able to feel satisfaction and relief at seeing many of my wishes have come true. These things were all written in there far before Iz was born and this book was set aside once a baby (of our own!) filled my lap but the dreams are always on my mind and my wishes and dreams always guide me with every choice I make for our family. Every night when I write gratitudes I reflect on all of the good I can see and I have been doing this for years - long before things shifted for the better - and I credit that practice and continued hope and hard work for us continuing to manifest the things we want for our family. 

The baby babies are here, there is room for chickens and bees if we choose (which we will once things are more least bees...there's a lot of hawk action around here), we have more outdoor space and are nurturing our dreams by filling it with life and feeding our family from it and having so much more space for our girls to run and play, we are coming up on two years of E finding a new position that nearly doubled his income and allowed us to finally move and to start making progress toward other necessary goals. The other country thing? Well, as you can see, I don't have big dreams there, aside from exploring Canada (hopefully many times) and I feel confident that wish will be fulfilled at some point, but am not in any kind of hurry. I would say it looks like it's time to add some more wishes to those pages, but it really isn't as right now I am just happy to soak up things as they are after so many years of wishing.

Those first garden pictures are from about a month ago, so things are looking a bit different these days as all the babies fill out and go wild and it's been pretty spectacular to have this larger garden. It was a lot of work to get it all built and going for this first season and we still have more to do but we all make a pretty good team around here and while some things got a slower start than usual they are making up for lost time and anything that doesn't will get another chance in the years to come. 

Meanwhile we are harvesting radishes, lettuces, basil, kale, chard, ground cherries, snap peas in abundance, garden peas, cucumbers, banana peppers and tiny little strawberries which I am tickled pink by as I started all of those plants from seed just a few months ago and it's so rewarding to taste those tiny candy like berries already, knowing they'll pick up the pace in future years. Tomatoes are getting close, lots of lemon balm, catnip and orange mint were dried yesterday and sage today and there are some marigolds (for future dye experiments) and roses (for fun bath and body experiments) also drying today. Cucumber water is being guzzled and it's just all so good. I've waited patiently for years for this space and these dreams and it feels so wonderful. 

Do we have bigger dreams? Sure. Do we know that we'll be here forever? Nope. Are we enjoying being close and making this place cozy and abundant and wonderful? YES. Being close to everyone and having more outdoor space has been life changing in every way I knew it would be and I am incredibly grateful that this is my current reality.



  1. What a beautiful post to read this morning. My friend, my heart is exploding for is so very lovely to see your dreams coming true. You and your beautiful family deserve it.

    I love, love, love your gardens...stunning, and made with lots of love. And can we talk about know you are always welcome here, right? I would love to meet you in person, host you and your family and share some of my beautiful country with you. Just let me know when you are coming.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xo

    1. Thank you so much Kim. It's been such a nice change for us. It was a hard decision to make on where to settle, but we feel good about where we are right now and are so happy to finally have this space for our dreams to continue to grow.

      Canada! We will certainly make it there one day. It will be some years off as we work toward some financial goals and work the girls up to such a road trip, but I look forward to the day we can come that way and it would be lovely to meet you. It seems the people I've become most connected to in my online days (here and on instagram) are all from your country and that makes the desire to travel there all the more appealing. <3

  2. Oh my goodness your garden is GOREGOUS. Mine has not done well - it's my first year trying to garden and do it organically. Do you have any tips as far as best organic fertilizers? I live in the west so i think gardening is a different ball game around here. How beautiful though to see your dreams being realized :)