Thursday, January 5, 2017


I will always be grateful for motherhood and how it has realigned me with my creative side and allowed me to flourish there while giving myself permission to just dive in and create and see what comes out on the other side. The year I was pregnant with O I challenged myself to a year of 52 projects and through that year I far surpassed that number while I found my way to such a great place, a place where I could look back and see progress in my skills and confidence and see all of the things I created that I was able to decorate our home with, dress my girls with, gift to others and so on.

The feeling that year gave me, one of satisfaction and love and being connected with a part of me that had been buried for so long has shaped me into a new person in some ways and that is a person I am happy to be, one I was waiting to sync up with for a long time. I'm still intimidated by certain patterns or plans or thoughts or whatever, but the difference between now and pre-ultra-creative-year is that I don't let those things stop me. I allow myself to grow and to mess up and to let things be what they are. I'm often ripping out sewing to fix a mistake or unknitting stitches to purl them instead, but I keep going and that feels really satisfying in a way that I really needed and continue to need. 

This past year there were far less projects made while I cared for two young children and we spent our time painting trim and fixing things and cleaning out the house to sell and then the moving and so on, but here are the things I have photos of that I have created since last April or so. I'll look forward to sharing more as I go now that I am back in this space. 

Moon Pants for Iz

More Moon Pants for Iz

 A Winter Baby Bonnet for a sweet friend who turned one in August - the first item I sewed in our new home.

A Sally Dress in cute Honey Hive fabric for a niece that was turning four and had sadly outgrown an old bee dress she loved. I made Iz a sundress in the same fabric right before moving but can't find a photo. We'll definitely be seeing more of this fabric though because I bought yardage of it in two colorways once when 1Canoe2 was having a fabric sale and it's washed and waiting.

A new Winter Baby Bonnet for O as she had outgrown her previous one and I lover her in this fabric.

A Flax Sweater (but with accidental different sleeves and a less stretchy bind off than I would have liked - especially in cotton - but I learned for the next one and Iz loves this one - was wearing it today actually.

 Iz's fourth birthday dress for our first celebration in our new home. I started a tradition of making her a birthday dress each year starting on her second birthday and look forward to continuing to do so and starting the same for O this February - fabric is ready and waiting! This dress is probably my favorite that I have made.

Something for me! A Gellatly Hat in pretty hand dyed yarn by Ginny Sheller. I rarely make myself anything (going to change that) but I was really wanting a hat that I love and I have finally found it. This is a really fun pattern with a pretty outcome.

 A package of sweet baby things (tiny In Threes, Rabbit Ear Teether, Winter Baby Bonnet and Reversible Booties) gifted to a dear friend as we anticipated the arrival of her little girl. She's here now and going on two months and absolutely wonderful.

 A Flax Sweater for O

 The Knox hat for my E. Love this pattern too...and this guy. This pattern as well as the Gellatly are by Okanagan Knit Co. and are both winners and I also just printed the newly released Ponderosa hat pattern as well (planning to make one in the color above for me and one in more of the Ginny Sheller green I have to gift).

 Car Seat Poncho for O

 Car Seat Poncho for Iz in the sock monkeys she picked out - I got supplies for these after a group text with friends got me all excited and eager to make one too and they are fun and simple to make but now that they are made I think we could have done without them as we have thin fleeces they can safely wear in the car, but they think they are fun and I think they might be nice in early Spring or in the Fall when we are just walking down the street or going on a quick run out of the house.

 Iz's Christmas Sweater and Hat (Wyatt Sweater and Luuk Hat with added pom pom)

 O's Christmas Sweater and Hat (Wyatt Sweater and Luuk Hat with added pom pom)

A Luuk Hat with added pom pom for a gift for a nephew whose third birthday we will be celebrating this weekend.

Whew! There they are and with that I am off to get started on the many projects I have in mind for this year. So far on the short list are moon pants, hats, skirt and shirt sets (for gifts), sweaters , a blanket and well...the list goes on. O started wanting to read and cuddle to sleep with Iz and E recently rather than me nursing her down and with that I feel the time to create coming back around and I am pretty excited about that opportunity. 


  1. Wow, such gorgeous handmades, love them all. Yay for new bedtime routines that allow mama to squeeze in a bit of creative time...enjoy!

    1. Thank you! And yes, the time is such a treat!