Sunday, January 29, 2017

Making and Reading

We have been digging deep these past couple weeks as E and I work on our parenting and family goals together and while it is all going to be so beneficial, emotions have been high and I have been a bit exhausted from it all and busy trying to do that digging, but I did finally get around to sewing up a couple projects that I had the pieces cut out for a few weeks now.

Moon Pants for O. I remember this fabric coming in the mail while she was riding on my hip last year, still living at the old house and it feels good to finally have the time to make something for her with it. The pattern starts at size three so they are still a bit too big, but better big than small I say as she will surely continue to grow. 

Her second pair of Moon Pants.  One of the first things I made for her was with this fabric (a winter baby bonnet) so now it feels like it's hers and so when I saw I had enough left to squeeze out a pair of these in the smallest size I knew I must. I really like cutting out and assembling two or more things at a time to streamline things a bit as it is so much more efficient.

With The Girls
Us three girls made pb pinecone bird feeders this past week and they had a lot of messy fun with them. We haven't seen any birds actually come to them but all but three have disappeared completely, so we are thinking there are some other happy critters of some sort that have enjoyed them. Iz is pleased with that.

 And this because it makes my heart swell. Iz wanted to make one of her cousin's cards by herself and it's just the best seeing her add her own touch to our gift giving.

About mid-week last week we made our first batch of slime and it has provided hours of play. The recipe we used was glue, a bit of liquid starch and food coloring and I added a smidge of water too. All four of us are enjoying this really. This creation was what I think Iz was calling her rabbit duck. 

We have been great about making a menu again to keep us on track and this week we made a different butternut squash soup than usual and it will be our new go-to. The recipe is Creamy Cashew Butternut Squash Soup from The New York Times. We didn't have fresh ginger so left it out but otherwise followed the recipe and definitely recommend it. And if you eat wheat our favorite quick and easy bread is the No Fuss Focaccia from the King Arthur Flour website. 

I Just finished A Man Called Ove last night. I don't often read novels these days but had seen this one recommended many times so I went ahead and requested it from the library. I did enjoy it and right now I'm not too into explaining the whys most of the time as I am more caught up in the enjoying part of things but I so enjoyed having a good novel to get caught up in to balance out all of my typical non-fiction and memoirs.

That wraps it up, but today E took both girls out with him while I was left at home alone, well, aside from two dogs and a cat - we are never too alone around here, so I took that time to finish cutting out pieces for O's birthday dress and for a sun dress for her as well to coordinate with a yellow honey hive one I made for Iz last Summer. Making their clothes has always been something I hoped to do and I am glad to be setting aside more time to make that happen now that O is getting older. It makes me happy to look in their closet and see all of their dresses hanging up and knit sweaters piled high and to open up dresser drawers to find their pants and skirts looking back at me. Then there's the cozy hats keeping them warm as we go about in the cold. Their blankets on their beds. Really, so many things and goodness knows we all have our own visions of the mother we want to be, but I am just happy to be fulfilling mine in this one way at least and to be keeping my creative fire alive. 

I know once warmer temperatures come around my focus will shift a bit as we are able to spend more time outside and bedtimes move back so we can all enjoy the sunshine, so for now I plan to continue to keep ticking off my mental list of projects and working through my stash while these colder temperatures keep us company.

What have you been making or reading lately? 


  1. Lovely handmades, and delicious looking food ;) Lots of knitting here..hats and mitts. Reading...The Universe Has Your Back.

    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks friend! And I'll definitely look into that book - sounds like one I would like.

  2. I am embracing fiction after so much non-fiction too. Hope you are wonderful Sara xx