Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making and Reading

I am finally feeling settled into this new year and back on my feet and really just trying to keep the momentum going long enough to create a new normal here in our home and to keep working toward being my best self and know the drill. 

So on to the making since I was last here:

This is a hat for myself. I had been searching for patterns for myself for a long time, but could never settle on any or was disappointed by the outcomes when I would finally decide to give one a try, but once I was introduced to Okanagan Knit Co. I was hooked and I have loved all three of the hats I have made (two for myself and one for E). This latest one is called The Ponderosa hat and fills my desire for a second hat in a more neutral color. Bonus is that it is really fun to knit. I loved seeing the design take shape.

So, Iz had a dress that this is part of that I had found at a thrift store years ago. After she outgrew it I had tucked it away in my fabric bins, planning to use the cute corduroy critter fabric for some kind of future project, but one day she was looking through the bins and gasped and said how she had missed that dress and followed up by insisting she needed to wear it every day, but that when she was finished I could have it back to make her a skirt out of. So, here it is. Today she learned about seam rippers by helping me remove a black sewn on waste tie and then it was just cutting the top off, making an elastic casing and sewing it shut while E gave them baths and then watching her smile when she took it from my hands. I love that these simple things can bring her so much pleasure.

Another Iz request this week was roasted chickpeas for snack time and I thought they were worth sharing because they're quite a tasty snack. We make them from time to time, usually when Iz asks, and I appreciate that they have a good amount of protein, fiber and iron in them and that she will gobble them up. From trying lots of things we have settled on preheating the oven to 450F and rinsing two cans of beans (could use freshly made too of course). We then pat them kind of dry on a dish towel and pick out any loose skins before tossing the three cups of beans with 2tbsp olive oil. Then, you can season them however you like. This time Iz sprinkled on salt, garlic powder and nutritional yeast and they were really good. I usually set the timer for 20 minutes and then give them a stir and then back in for another 20 or so. At least with this oven. In our old one I would leave them in forever, so obviously that's all dependent on your stove. Just give them a good first stretch and then keep an eye on them every 5-10 minutes.

And reading! First let me say that I am so happy to be finding more time to read again and second let me say that I loved this book, The Gift of an Ordinary Day by Katrina Kenison. In this memoir she speaks of her time raising teenagers and moving to a new home and the entire journey and emotions surrounding it all and even though my children are both four and under I still found myself tearing up on the regular because I already know how much that will ache and how our journey as mothers will only continue to require us to grow, which is actually quite the gift, yet a challenging one. I found this book both honest and relatable which are both things I crave in a memoir.

This book, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach is not one I have completed because it has a passage for each day of the year, but I am already really enjoying the daily reflection and I have found it to be the perfect fit for a daily read for me so far. It even got me back to the daily practice of writing my five gratitudes again and that alone is a gift. When Iz was about five months old I found myself drowning in anxiety and had to really fight to get myself back above water and one of the many things I did was to start a gratitude journal. It was life changing and really helped me to focus on all of the good that was surrounding me even in what I would consider pretty tough times for our family. Love filled and beautiful but challenging in many ways, but gratitude really can move mountains and I found myself getting to such a positive place that I credit in helping our family get to a better place overall. Days were still hard but nothing could truly defeat my positive attitude or my belief that it would all work out as it should if we kept looking at the bright side and focusing on what we did have. Anyway, this book goes well right alongside all of that and though I'm only half a month in I would really recommend it.  

That is all for now, but there is no doubt I will be back soon with more to share as I have a full list of projects I would like to complete and a big stack of library books that I am making my way through. Let me know if you have been making, reading, cooking anything lately that you feel is worth sharing. I would love to see/hear/read about it. 


  1. Lovely projects...the hat is gorgeous. Roasted chickpeas are a fav in our home too :) I am going to check out the gift of an ordinary day..sounds like a good read.

    1. Thank you! The hat was so fun to make, but then I cast on for another as a gift and for some reason three tries later it's just not going I am making the girls a couple of wash clothes to clear my knitting head before trying again or making something different.