Thursday, January 12, 2017

Making and Reading

A few months ago I gave up on the idea of trying to figure out what was wrong with my sewing machine and wasting hours of E and I's time each time I sewed anything. We looked into having mine looked at but that alone would be one hundred dollars. While we would still like to do that eventually or to sell it to someone else to repair, we made the choice to spend thirty dollars more and get a basic model Janome and it was a great decision. Sewing is fun for me again and now leaves me feeling satisfied rather than in tears and it's a lucky thing seeing how I plan on making all of those birthday gifts this year. This week I got started for the two birthday girls of the week.

A bee hive skirt and shirt set for a six year old I love. I always love this fabric from 1canoe2 and have quite a bit more to use - never a bad thing!

A bird skirt and shirt set for a sweet soon-to-be two year old. I bought this fabric without a project a long time ago and couldn't decide what to do with it, but I really like it for this and think I'll make one of the other sets for later in the year in this same fabric.  

These were fun to make and something simple enough for gifting. With seven nieces and nephews, our own girls and four friends-that-are-like-family kids we have a lot of little ones to celebrate throughout the year, so sweet but relatively simple projects are best and I think most of the girls are going to be getting these sets this year. 

Right now I've committed to not buying any additional fabric or yarn until I work through my stash and I actually really like having those parameters to work in as I get started on this years making. I am not suffering in the least by having those parameters at this point anyway as there is plenty that has accumulated.

Also, I found this information from crafterhours to be very helpful when not being able to measure the girls I was sewing for:

Now on to what I have been reading. Now that O is sleeping in the girls room E moved a lamp into our room and I am able to read myself to sleep again, which has also led to me choosing to pick up a book at other times as well. Lucky for me six of my holds came in at once from the library so it's keeping me motivated to make time for reading as I will have to get them back there before too long.

I just finished and returned this one, "Balanced and Barefoot" by Angela J. Hanscom. Books like this are good for me to read at this time of year. As a naturally very cold natured person it is hard for me to get out with the girls when the temperature drops, so while I have read much of this information in other places before, the reminders of how critical that unstructured outdoor play is something I needed and appreciated. 

I also just finished "Mennonite in a Little Black Dress" by Rhoda Janzen and for me it was just okay. Most any memoir will keep my interest enough for a start to finish read and I did enjoy it enough to finish, but I didn't find myself craving it. 

Now I am off to work on my knitting for the evening before curling up under the covers with another book, one I am really enjoying, but more on that later. 

What are reading and making lately? Any good patterns or titles to share? 


  1. So clever, Sara! Those outfits are gorgeous! I like the sound of Balanced and Barefoot. Will look it up. I'm reading Dr Christiane Northrup's Making Life Easy at the moment, and loving it. xx

    1. Thank you! I'll look into that book as well. I always love having recommendations for when I need them. <3