Sunday, January 1, 2017

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

A Foggy Christmas Adventure at a Nearby Park

This new year is starting out a bit rocky as we caught a cold a few days ago that we have not been able to shake just yet, but I do always love looking ahead once we move on to a new year. This past year has been such a big one for us as our dreams to move closer to friends finally came true and we hustled like crazy to make it all happen and drained ourselves on so many levels at the same time, but every last bit of it was worth it and all necessary for us to get to where we are. At the same time, we are really glad it is all over with and that we can focus on building our lives together in this new space and watching some of those dreams more fully unfold.

We have many things we would like to accomplish in the new year, one of the biggest ones being to establish our new gardens and to fill our yard with as many plants and as much life as we can. This will certainly evolve over the years that we are here, but for this first year we are going to dive in just as much as we can and get our big garden in place and hopefully a few smaller beds too, while sneaking in a few flowers or berry bushes here and there when we are able. 

We also have plans for a big sand pit for the girls and a three bin compost system and maybe some kind of high play house to allow for a taller slide and most definitely an apple tree for a particular corner and plenty of dwarf fruit tress in the future if we have to lose our large Ash tree and of course so many other dreams and plans - we are never short on those.

While all of those dreams are so important we are also just glad to be together without any strict timelines or deadlines for our projects. We can now head off for a hike without stressing about how the house will be ready to sell on time or if the fence will be finished before the ground hardens or the permit runs out. We can just enjoy simple everyday stuff together that we really weren't able to so much in the past year. The last few have been pretty transitional with saying goodbye to my dog of nearly ten years, a new baby, E leaving a job and starting a new one, buying a house and selling a house. We knocked out quite a few big life changes in just a few little years and now we are looking forward to a good ol' ordinary year of making this house into the home we have hoped for so long to have.  

There's still plenty of settling in to be done, but with each step in that direction things feel more functional and more comfortable and it is only going to get better from here if we continue doing what it takes to bring all of our dreams to life as we approach this new year together.

Here's to abundant gardens, a Spring-Fall full of camping trips, plenty of hikes all year long, organizing and figuring out our new space, sewing all the time, lots of writing, and if I play my cards right...20-30 jars of pesto in the freezer by the end of next fall. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 


  1. Happy New Year dear friend,. Wishing you a year full of magic with that beautiful family of yours. xo

    1. Thank you Kim! Happy New Year to you as well!