Saturday, January 14, 2017

Christmas This Year and Thoughts on Those to Come

My sister's girls up top and Iz(orange) and O(blue) on the bottom made one day when they came to play.

Christmas Living Room
Iz testing out her first Piggy Paint by the fire Christmas morning

My sweet Two Potters pitcher as my gift from E and the girls and our traditional Christmas cinnamon rolls.

A little time in the woods at our nearest park on our foggy Christmas afternoon.

Recently I read through many old posts here to clean things up a bit before taking time to write in this space again and while I was doing so I found myself smiling, tearing up and generally reminiscent. As this was all happening around the holidays I found one post surrounding Iz's first Christmas to be very relevant as I talked about how our holidays needed to change and would have to eventually. We always knew we didn't want to run about or to spend hours of our holiday in the car - especially with one or the other of our daughters crying the entire hour which is stressful for us all and really unfair to them - but we kept trying and going with it and hoping things would change and trying to get up the courage to do what was best for us.

As the years went on we kept feeling the pull and this year Iz specifically asked if we could stay home in our pjs all day on Christmas and with that we decided it was time to make the change. So, we did and it was just what we had wished for. We saw E's parents the morning of Christmas Eve and saw my family that evening before coming home to get the girls to bed, mix up cinnamon roll dough and fill stockings, without worry of packing up bags and pjs and preparing food for the following day.

We spent the morning opening a few gifts, enjoying the warmth of our fireplace, eating our rolls, painting toes, reading new books and just generally enjoying each other. We were also gifted with a rather warm-for-December day so after O's nap Iz agreed to get out of pjs for a bit so we traveled less than a mile to the other side of our neighborhood and played there for a couple of hours before coming home for homemade pizza, dip and fruit in the living room while watching The Snowy Day and just being together. Slow and simple. Just the way we needed it. Just the way we had desired for so long. Every year may look a little different as we find our way to some new normals but this feels right for us and it feels fair and respectful to our girls and since we know that is what is most important, we will embrace it with big happy smiles and wide open arms. 

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