Friday, December 30, 2016

I Want to Remember...

...conversations with Iz..Me: "What kinds of things do you think you'll want to do when you're bigger?" Her: "Eat more salt in the summer." Ha! I know which book she got that from.

...having at home ice cream cones for the first time and Iz leaning over offering O little licks while sitting together at their little picnic table. not shut myself down from others when I am having a hard time.

...that it will all continue to work out as it should, as it has, as it will, as it always does.

Those above from seven or so months ago....and now some more...

...the way O said, "my baby? my baby?" with excitement after seeing Iz open hers on Christmas and her joy at seeing her own when she unwrapped it.

...all of the times Iz will sit and just swap kisses with me over and over again while we soak each other up. Days can sometimes be hard, but those moments easily wipe the hard parts of the day from my memory.

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