Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Settling in and Regrouping to Move Forward

Iz kicking back for lunch during last weekend's adventuring.

So much has happened in the last what is it...five months or so? Now, at last, I am ready to revisit this space and continue our story as we continue to settle in and regroup to move forward. 

We spent our first night of sleep in our new home back in June and since then we have been pretty busy while we sold our old home, evicted surprise bats from our new home's attic, built a fence around the backyard and rebuilt a swing set for our girls and so many other things that happen with such a big transition that while it has been nearly four months now, we are still getting our bearings a bit and it will be awhile longer until we will call ourselves settled. We are home, we are happy and we are so grateful in every particle of our beings, but settled? Well, that's going to take awhile. 

These last few months we have done what we needed to get ourselves here and to make things safe and comfortable for us while letting go of paying attention to our finances for a bit as bats and fence building and the general needs that come with a move kept popping up, along with way too many calls for take out as we scrambled trying to make it all fit together, but we are as committed as ever to get back to it now and finally feel like we are in a place to do so. I mean, we finally have our baby solidly back in cloth diapers now after many failed attempts since arriving, so I take that as a good sign that if we are capable of taking that on than we are now capable of moving forward in other ways as well. Silly, but definitely a good gauge for me!

And moving forward to what? To zero debt. To intentional frugality. To filling our lives full of fulfilling experiences. To not wasting our resources. To living a life that fills our hearts and that allows us to follow them. 

It's a bit of a bumpy transition to reign things in again, but in so many ways this is where I thrive. I like having boundaries and I am familiar with making do and I will write more about all of this over the next weeks, months and years as we travel this path and share our growth. 

For now, we are happy to be in a place where we are through that huge transition and to a place where we have a new goal to work toward and surpass. All the while we are soaking it up. All of the reasons we wanted to be here have not disappointed us, one of the main reasons being to be closer to places we could easily get to for hiking and exploring as a family. Now that the fence building has mostly wrapped up our weekends have a little more breathing room, and so do we as we hit the trails and open fields. Definitely more on that later as we continue to move forward. 

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