Friday, May 20, 2016

Tying Up Loose Ends

Right now we are in a place of tying up loose ends. We are two weeks out from closing on our new home and three weeks out from our first night of sleep there and about three weeks out from listing our current house as well. With the market as it is around here right now it's nice that we were able to buy before selling to be sure we secured a house that we love, but that also means we need to get this one listed as quickly as we can to not have more overlap than we can help and that means tying up a lot of loose ends and continuing to do the work needed to make this house shine and to give it the love we wish we could have over the past many years but weren't in a position to. We are realizing more and more how much of it we could have done previously, all of the smaller very low or no costs items on the list, but we have lived, we have learned and now it's crunch time and we are crunching hard.

We still aren't sleeping much but every time I cross an item off our master list I feel that much closer to the goal and the big break we are going to take after the initial settling in. Tonight that means E wrapping up some things in the basement and me making curtains for the basement windows and our plan for meals and groceries for the week between baby wake ups. So many lessons in all of this, this huge change we are experiencing right now and not enough time to process it all, but at the root of it all I am just so grateful for everything we are going through, for although it is intensely challenging right now, we are learning something and growing in some way from every single bit of it. 

I am also grateful to have had the forethought to start some of my tomato babies in pots so we could bring them along to the new place. With those and my basil planter and our potato bags we will still be able to have our little mini garden for the rest of the summer and since we will still own this home for a bit we can also harvest what we can as we come to check in on things here. Being without a garden for the year was really sad for me to imagine so I just carried on as if we were going to stay, but with planting a little less, and then adapting once we knew we were leaving and it turns out we aren't going to be without a garden at all, it's just going to look much different than it has in previous years or will in the future - a bit hodge podge but it will do the trick!

It's all good and will all work out as it should and while there is still much tying to be done, each day it becomes a little less and before we know it we'll be sitting in our new home amazed at how quickly we made it happen and embracing the change we have been anticipating for so long.

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