Monday, May 16, 2016

The End in Sight

We have been working so hard for so long and we are finally seeing the end in sight. While there are many more nights of work ahead and things to go through and areas to clean, in just a few weeks it will all be completed in one way or another and that thought is one of the biggest motivators as we trudge forward through the work every single night and every weekend day. It's coming and soon. Our hard work is finally coming to fruition and soon I will have more time to put all of the energy I have been directing toward this transition toward something else and I feel so excited at that reality.

Soon. Soon I can settle into a new space and let go of the last bits of things we find we don't need or don't work in that space. I can start the groups I am wanting to. I can write every night if I choose and I can do the same for sewing and knitting. I can have time to prepare food at night rather than scrambling every day to get food on the table and manage it all. I can work toward reducing our waste in all the ways I am dreaming of. We can make a plan for our new yard and start putting it into action. We can gain back time as a family, taking walks, relaxing, being together as us four rather than one of us with the kids while another completes housework.

We are almost to the finish line. We are almost to that life-changing transition we have dreamed about for so long. Sure, there are loose ends that will take time to tie up. Sure, it will take time to settle in. Sure, there's the whole moving an entire house and four people and three pets and some plants part, but again, that will happen one way or another. Mostly there is excitement and anticipation and so much good to come and I am looking forward to documenting much of that here as it does.

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