Sunday, May 29, 2016

Something Brand New

We are still plugging away at our master list, still lining things up to sell our current home in the best possible condition we can make it before we move on to our new home in less than two weeks. We close on the new place in five days and will be sleeping there in twelve and we are so ready to be at that point.

Items have been leaving our house quickly and in abundance. The loads to the thrift shop are less frequent these days as we do the fine tuning, but one did go this past week and another is currently accumulating in E's car. Our curb also regularly looks like a free sale where everything must go, allowing us to remove eight large items quickly in the past twenty-four hours alone. A few things make their way out via craiglist sales, putting a bit of useful money in our pockets as we prepare to own two homes for a stretch and while we do need that cash we are getting closer to the finish line so whatever doesn't sell soon is making it's way out to the curb as well to surprise someone with something they might need. It feels good to get to that place of detachment and letting go.

Seeing how much we are getting rid of is still shocking to me. Yes, I know how it accumulated over time, but it's still so completely shocking as I see the quantity of it all and think back on all of the loads and pick ups and sales and trash and recycling that has left our home in the past month alone. Never will we get to this place again, but I will choose to be grateful for the experience, for this knowledge and insight we have gained. But yes, NEVER again. 

Meanwhile my health is suffering and I am antsy to have more time for self care in hopes of healing my body and allowing it to the have rest it needs while providing myself and my family with better nutrition. With the stress, lack of sleep and decreased nutrition my body is revolting and screaming at me to pay attention. So, for now I do what I can and try to hang in there just a little longer while allowing myself to do some non-house related things when I can, during those times E is working on the things he has to do himself. This week that meant lots of letters to friends to fill up my cup and sewing a sun dress for my oldest daughter which filled me up all over.

Knowing more of that creative time is on the horizon, not much further along, helps pull me through. I can see my new creative space now, I can envision it and imagine all of the time I will spend there making wonderful things and filling my heart. Not much longer. Not much at all.

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