Saturday, May 14, 2016

Relief With Release

As we prepare to go through selling our home and moving into our new one we are going through every crevice of every room - each closet, drawer, shelf, nook and cranny and as we do we are taking everything out and choosing to keep only the things we love or that are regularly used and needed. In doing so we find most areas are cut down by around 50% and we are amazed every single time, amazed at the fact that there is so much extra and also amazed that we are then able to live with a functional space with a small amount of effort and upkeep. 

Releasing those extras always leaves me feeling a huge sense of relief, realizing that hard work is complete and that I will get to live in my home in a way that is less stressful. The rewards are so large that when I realize there is another nook I can get at I feel almost giddy, knowing that I am about to get that wonderful feeling. 

Those nooks are becoming fewer and farther between as we make our way through, but tonight I attacked the kitchen one final time and came out with the equivalent of 4 paper grocery bags full of things that were either put into the giveaway pile, set aside for family, recycled or put into the trash. This after having already done a quick sweep a couple of months ago, getting rid of the obvious extras at that time and already having purged and organized the pantry last week. It's amazing, the knowledge that we can really make do, and happily, with so much less, and I know that we will let even more go as we settle into our new place and have an even clearer idea of what we will need. Plus, there are a few boxes of things E wants to sort and sell on Ebay once we are settled since we don't have the time to do so now in the hustle, and I have a tote of photos and negatives I still need to minimize and find a solution for, but again, need a little more time before I can sit and cut, scan, organize all of that, but you better believe I am itching to do so the first chance I get and through that process we will find our way to having even less in our home. There are also some items we want to find a better less space-sucking and more functional alternative for in the future but we have chosen to keep certain things (some camping gear more specifically) that we already have and can make do with until we make those decisions.

As for the items we are getting rid of, much has gone to a thrift store due to the fact that we need to get it all gone and out of our way quickly, some specific items have gone to family or friends who need or want them and a few things we are choosing to sell. It's too bad we haven't had time to do that with more things, but I think we struck a nice balance in deciding when it was worth our time to sell and when it was time to just get it the heck out of here. I do like this selling business though and this weekend I am going to be adding a few hundred much needed dollars to our fence-for-the-new-house-fund by selling some pyrex, newborn cloth diapers and an infant car seat and my awesome mom is going to take a handful of items with her to try to sell on a buy/sell/trade site for us as a way to help while we hustle to get everything finished up around here in the next couple of weeks. All of that added to the items in the garage we hope to sell (a large heater, some bikes, some various tools) should get us to my $1,000 from sold randomness goal and closer to having that fence up so our pooches and kids can safely run wild in our beautiful new space. 

Now...what cranny can I empty out next?

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