Thursday, May 12, 2016

Moving On and Sizing Down

E and O at the new place during inspections. Smaller space, someone else's stuff, lots of potential for adding our own greatness.

We are a family of four, there's me, my husband and our two young girls, plus our brood of three furry-four-leggers. Currently we live in a three bedroom and two and a half bathroom home, around 1,200 square feet plus a relatively finished basement. We have more room than we really need and while we make use of our spaces we have often found all seven of us all piled on top each other in ten square feet or so of this space at a time and laughed about how it seems we don't need much space at all if we are always going to end up like that.

Well, we are about to have a bit less space and to try it on for size and we are really excited about the change. We'll lose a bathroom and some square footage of upstairs living space but the basement is still partially finished to leave room for E to work (he works from home) and for a family room area which I consider a nice perk when living in a state that is no stranger to tornados. These spaces, office and family room, are one in the same, without a separate office space as he has now.  This will take some readjusting in how we use the space at certain parts of the day, but we are definitely capable of doing such.

We will still have three bedrooms upstairs but the third has the only backdoor off of it so feels more like a family room kind of space. That works well for us though as we have always planned on the girls sharing a room and plan on continuing to keep our third room as our family art room with our art/craft tables and supplies. This room? So perfect for that. My idealizing mind pictures me sitting at my art table sewing while looking out one of the many windows at my girls running around out back as they grow. That's probably a few years off yet, but our dreams are what give us fuel, right?

Our bedroom will be smaller but that's perfect. All we have in it is a bed and a dresser now and a small nightstand for our youngest's sound machine and our clock and all of that will fit perfectly, leaving little room for things to build up. That being the thing I'm most excited about - the lack of room to allow things to build up. After digging ourselves out of the excess that has accumulated in our current home, it is encouraging to know that won't be able to happen. One, it won't happen because we've felt how hard it is to do this minimizing, how time consuming and life sucking and we know we want to spend our time on more important things than doing that again and two, without room for things to pile up as much we will have to tend to them as needed and get them out of our way which will help us in maintaining a minimized home.

Some people have been surprised when we've told them about moving to a smaller home. I understand that. Most people in our stage of life, with a growing family, would be looking to size up, but that sounds absolutely overwhelming to me. The last thing I want is more space. More space outside? Yes! Please! And we will be gaining that. But inside? Nah. I'll be happy to have only one toilet to clean on a regular basis, a smaller but more functional kitchen to work in, a smaller space that will allow me to more easily make things feel cozy and defined in a way that I've been craving but unable to make work in our current set-up.

Will it maybe sting a bit at first, to lose that extra space? Yeah, probably in certain ways, but not really. It will be a challenge having to reconfigure and to make hard choices, but we are doing much of that decision making now and I am so looking forward to the challenge. I'm so antsy to get there and get started, to continue our journey in simplifying in a new space and to settle into a more minimized home while we continue to regularly challenge ourselves to let go and to find more ways to reduce our waste, waste of objects, energy, time and resources. This all ties in so well to where I am in my mind and my heart right now and in a way where I have always been and to be fair it's not like we're moving into a 600 square foot home on wheels, we are still going to be living in a modest but comfortable home with a one car garage, a small shed and a spacious yard and porches, it's just less than we have now and that's still an adjustment, but one we are looking forward to with a huge load of excitement.

We're moving where we are to be close to our community of friends, to be close to the nature areas we love, to make trips to the farmers markets and our preferred grocery stores and local shops for essentials significantly more convenient. We could spend what we are on this house in a different area and get twice the amount of space, but even thinking of doing so makes me sad as we would be missing out on all of that good stuff that we have already been missing for such a long time.

This feels exciting. This feels right. This feels a bit challenging in the best ways and it's all good. 

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