Sunday, February 14, 2016

January: Week 2

This week was not as exciting as our first one and not as smooth and fulfilling (more on that in a bit) but we still had fun with it and learned a lot from our experiences.

On our cooking day we made rice porridge. Iz is always interested in helping with anything in the kitchen but since there wasn't that much for her to do with this recipe and it had to simmer for so long she lost interest and also didn't enjoy the results too much, but she did enjoy "feeding" it to her seed babies. What I learned from that day is that we will make our cooking/baking day into just a baking day - at least for the winter - since that is something she loves to do and since she gets plenty of other time helping in the kitchen to learn about other foods and preparations every day.

On our watercolor day we used red and blue and learned about how those two colors mix to create purple. She was interested but then found herself too distracted by running back and forth to check the window for our company to arrive that she didn't end up painting too much. She was happy to send the results off with our friend though.

Meanwhile, O was happy to snooze...sort of...she had a strange week too and naps have been sporadic, but that feels about normal for this age and I think she's on the long transition to getting down to one nap per day.

I would say the highlight of our week was crafting day where I completed her first sewing project. The night before I cut two pieces of felt in a rough butterfly-like shape and strung some embroidery floss on the needle before completing two stitches. On crafting day I held the felt and taught her how to push the needle through, catching both pieces of felt and then pulling it all the way through and she took it from there, finishing most of it by herself and taking a lot of pride in her creation. I am sure this will be just the first of many sewing projects she completes in the years to come.

We got in a good dose of outside time too, but not as much as the week before due to cooler temperatures and our different schedule. This is something Iz really needs to thrive and I am really glad we have had a pretty mild winter so far. And luckily O's smaller fleece bunting just arrived from ebay so she'll be more prepared if we want to squeeze a few minutes in on those especially brisk days. I don't expect we will get out every day, but we will keep trying for as much fresh air time as we can because it makes such a difference for all of us.

We had our playdate on Friday and our friends/nieces/cousins joined us for our circle time and then we headed to the table for modeling day. I tried something new by giving the kids each a small bowl and letting them pick a few animals and talking about asking if they wanted to trade and having to agree and that sort of thing before starting and it seemed to help, but this day was not a smooth one for our gal. Having people in her space this week just seemed really hard, but with the Winter and everyone's needs we are just doing our best and riding it out while we all grow and work on our patience.

The weekend made for a happy family all around and we were back to pretty smooth sailing, even with back to back cousin birthday parties on Saturday afternoon. Usually this would lead to a bit of chaos, but we prepared for the day and it worked out well in that the parties were very different and met different needs for Iz so she was able to observe a lot at the first one that was a bit busier and fast paced and then have time to just run free and play and have quality time with her grandma at the second one. I did forget all the gifts at home, but hey, can't win 'em all.

And Sunday? After I got O down for her nap E headed out for the hardware store for more pre putting the house on the market supplies and the girls and I had a low key few hours playing dress up and puzzles and just having a much needed downtime day. And once E got back and O had milk I hurried to the bath for my promised hour long soak and reading time. We are all better off when I get one of those now and then. We never did make it to the grocery store and the house is a bit of a wreck, but we are all on much better footing for starting in on the next week after having a nice slow day at home.

Really, for as good as last week went, this past one was a doozy, but we kept up our rhythms. Tensions seemed to be a bit high all around and the intensity in our home seemed cranked up a bit higher than we prefer, but we had a few random days with company one day, a day where I had to be gone all morning, a playdate here (the first one since before Christmas and a hard adjustment back to having other toddlers/preschoolers in our space for I), a door installation appointment that we waited on but that was canceled and threw off our rhythm for that day, and way less time outside. Reflecting on all of that I can see what we can change going into this next week.

Also, since we aren't able to get as much outside time in I have decided to look ahead to the week and plan an extra back-up activity for each day in case Iz seems in need of a little something more to do. I have this week all lined up and ready to go as long as a few tiny items make their way here on time for certain activities - Amazon Prime work your magic! - so I look forward to reflecting again next week to see what a difference having a bit more planned will bring to our week.  Having always been creatively minded and not so schedule oriented it doesn't always come natural for me to have things so planned out, but I find that when I do so a lot more gets accomplished leaving us all feeling much more fulfilled.

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