Monday, February 29, 2016

I Want to Remember...

...snuggling on the couch with Iz while we watched a large flock of birds fill a tree and flutter about before all flying off again.

...seeing Iz happily play with a new friend together and to remember to find time in the warmer months to set up time for her to have the opportunity to play with more kids she hasn't seen in awhile. slow down, be patient, know that everything will work out as it should if we just stay open and stay focused on what is most important (each other). happy Iz is when she can help out. Once I loosened up and allowed her to help with an item for O's party she was so grateful and so happy to be involved and I wanted to see her face look like that a million more times. O will take a few steps with a smirk before squatting back down and quickly crawling into my lap with a big grin on her face.

...the dove that came to visit before I went into labor with O and how I suddenly knew everything was going to be okay. 

...a birthday morning spent with my Sue followed by being greeted at home with big smiles and freshly made cupcakes followed by seed planting with my wonderful little sidekick. 

...snuggling with my E while he wound up balls of yarn for me. 

...these warm winter days, sunshine on our cheeks and all of those lovely hawks soaring above us at the park. playfully parent through hard transitions.

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