Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I Want to Remember...

...her tiny warm hand wrapped around my thumb as I walked her to sleep.

...everyone gathered around to enjoy the chocolate covered strawberries I made and gobbling them up with smiles. sisters girls and my oldest happily playing in her room together for a long stretch and the reminder that things do change with time.

...O nursing as I rested against the drawers on the kitchen floor, rubber spatula in her hand, dinner simmering on the stove, Iz peeling garlic up on her helper stool.

...Iz insisting she wanted to make meat balls and me being so confused and reminding her how we don't eat animals and all that jazz and her looking at me like "duh mom" until she said "with the meat in the white bag" and me realizing she was talking about the almond nut meat leftovers from making our latest batch of almond milk. My bad.

...holding and rocking Iz while I walked her around and helped her decompress from an emotional overload and then sitting snuggled so close on the couch as she finished her lunch and we read a big pile of books. A good reminder that the times she is most "acting out" are the times she is most in need of connection.

...O smiling up at me with her cutest little smirk and taking three steps forward before squatting back down. Each day she adds a couple more and I bet by her birthday (in just eight days) we will have a full fledged walker. hard E always works to not only provide for our family but to get the house fixed up so we can try to move forward. good it feels to shed the extras and feel the weight of it all being released slowly but surely.

...sweet handmade valentines from the ones I love most and Iz cluing me in to their existence and hiding place long before the giving.

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