Sunday, February 14, 2016

I Want to Remember...

...Iz insisting I call her Stellaluna and her calling me Mama Fruit Bat in the last hour before bedtime.

...watching the girls playing in the garden together and separate and being able to imagine what our lives will look like come Spring. always let Iz lead the way while supporting and encouraging her but not pressuring her to do things she's not ready for.

...dancing around to our home birth playlist with O while cooking dinner and E and Iz played out in the first substantial snow of the season.

...Me: "Do you know who I love? You! And O! And Daddy!" I: "And yourself!". Yes, of course, and a good reminder to treat myself with the same love as all of those others I love so much.

...Iz saying to O: "Ohhhhh I can't pick you up, you're too heavy and slobbery."

...A sleeping O against my shoulder and chest heavy with sleep.

...exploring the nature reserve with my crew and letting Iz lead the way. Also, mugs of cocoa in hand as we sat outside and enjoyed the January sunshine. good we feel when we take the time to cook nutritious meals and take better care of our health.

...the realization of self love and respect and the feeling it down to my bones in a way that has never happened before.

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