Monday, December 21, 2015

I Want to Remember... happy she is to engage in imaginative play for hours on end - especially when she's the mama, I'm the baby and O is the big sis. 

...the way she fills my pockets with treasures when we are out in nature. thrilled everyone in our family is when we come back with full bags from the library. Well, not O yet, but she'll come around. hard E works to help bring our project ideas to life.

...her excitement each morning at coming out to see what the Kindness Elves have left her to do for the day and what their note says. always put our families needs before any pressures that may come our way and to realize it's okay to slow down for awhile and focus inward when we need it. soak up every ounce of my girls through the ups and the downs.

...the way O peeks around a corner with a smile, smiles with her eyes and brows at me from across the table, lights up with a smile every time she sees me, E, or I coming her way. afternoon visit from my mom and oldest nephew where we enjoyed homemade cocoa and stove-popped corn and he and I played hide and seek together.

...these warm December days and how pink that tree looked against the grey storm cloud rolling by.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

I Want to Remember...

...drinking hot cocoa and decorating the tree with Iz while O napped and E hung decorations out front.

...realizing I have the power to heal myself in more ways than I knew.

...the hawks. All of them. And how they are always there to remind me to stay focused through these challenging months of patience, hard work and transition.

...walking in on Iz cooking at her play kitchen in nothing but a dinosaur tail and sparkly cape. unseasonably warm day to do yard chores with one girl on my chest and the other with her garden gloves on and working alongside me.

...juicing all the old mealy apples with zI and drinking up the results...even if those results left a dirty sock kind of taste in my mouth. She was delighted.

...putting love into our home and feeling the love being put back out.

...watching Iz jump and bounce on the couch full of joy in front of our front window with the outdoor garland and ornaments just behind her.

...escaping to the backyard for alone time with my Iz and making pretend fires out of pieces of branches, cooking imaginary marshmallows over that fire and making s'mores out of bark and leaves.

...that it is okay to lean on others and to not have to do it all alone.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I want to remember...

...these days of having a three year old and a baby (now 9 months old) and how beautiful and trying and overwhelming and full of joy they are.

...backyard bouquets and freshly picked peppers from tiny proud hands during the warmer days this summer and fall.

...the way O snuggles into my chest with a bashful smile when friends or family look her way.

...and also the big grins she flashes at them and the way her dimple pops when she does. hard we are working to reach our goals while knowing the reward will be that much sweeter after these years of patience and perseverance. I have grown and the differences that can happen in such a short time. always be grateful and kind and to let those things guide me in this life. E can catch me off guard with his silliness and make me laugh at a time I least expect it.

...Iz brushing my hair for fifteen minutes after receiving her new brush and then having me take a turn on hers. My love for this girl and her way with the world runs so deep.

...snuggles with E while the girls played this morning and how good it felt to just be holding one another without a baby on one of our hips.