Monday, December 21, 2015

I Want to Remember... happy she is to engage in imaginative play for hours on end - especially when she's the mama, I'm the baby and O is the big sis. 

...the way she fills my pockets with treasures when we are out in nature. thrilled everyone in our family is when we come back with full bags from the library. Well, not O yet, but she'll come around. hard E works to help bring our project ideas to life.

...her excitement each morning at coming out to see what the Kindness Elves have left her to do for the day and what their note says. always put our families needs before any pressures that may come our way and to realize it's okay to slow down for awhile and focus inward when we need it. soak up every ounce of my girls through the ups and the downs.

...the way O peeks around a corner with a smile, smiles with her eyes and brows at me from across the table, lights up with a smile every time she sees me, E, or I coming her way. afternoon visit from my mom and oldest nephew where we enjoyed homemade cocoa and stove-popped corn and he and I played hide and seek together.

...these warm December days and how pink that tree looked against the grey storm cloud rolling by.

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