Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I want to remember...

...these days of having a three year old and a baby (now 9 months old) and how beautiful and trying and overwhelming and full of joy they are.

...backyard bouquets and freshly picked peppers from tiny proud hands during the warmer days this summer and fall.

...the way O snuggles into my chest with a bashful smile when friends or family look her way.

...and also the big grins she flashes at them and the way her dimple pops when she does. hard we are working to reach our goals while knowing the reward will be that much sweeter after these years of patience and perseverance. I have grown and the differences that can happen in such a short time. always be grateful and kind and to let those things guide me in this life. E can catch me off guard with his silliness and make me laugh at a time I least expect it.

...Iz brushing my hair for fifteen minutes after receiving her new brush and then having me take a turn on hers. My love for this girl and her way with the world runs so deep.

...snuggles with E while the girls played this morning and how good it felt to just be holding one another without a baby on one of our hips.

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