Friday, February 20, 2015

A Year of Projects: Projects 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 & 44

This (past) year I aimed to complete 52 projects - here are some of them: 

Project 38: A simple cotton hat for a young friend of a friend facing her next round of chemo. Was happy to add one to the mix.

Project 39: A helper stool for I to use around the kitchen. This stool is used multiple times every day and I am so grateful E could whip it up for her. We don't have the extra safety feet finished and installed yet as it hasn't felt necessary for us (we used oak rather than pine to make for a nicer and heavier stool which I think helps with this...and our girl is pretty mellow on it) but I think we'll still add them on at some point. Plans from Ana White (link to actual plans isn't working right now, but you can search for helper tower and find them if you're looking).

(no photo right now)

Project 40: Some replacement hats to make up for the ones I went weird on and made a bit short and small. Love seeing these hats keeping all of my favorite kids heads warm.

Project 41: A rainbow hat for my gal using the scrap organic cotton from the large knit blanket I made for her earlier in the year. This was originally going to be for the little girl I made project 38 for but knit up larger than I expected so Iz was happy to take it on as her own and I should have known that it would suit her perfectly.

(no photo right now)

Project 42: A matching/memory game for a niece's Christmas present using felt and fabric. Iz received a similar set handmade by a dear friend for her birthday and I ran with that inspiration in order to make a couple gifts.

Project 43: A knit baby blanket using a honeycomb pattern for our February girl.

Project 44: Another matching/memory set for another sweet niece.

So many fun things to make and gift. I can't believe I'm still playing catch-up in sharing them here, but I made it to a total of 60 so will be sharing the rest in two more batches in the next week or two. I'm already 21 projects in this year...kind of going crafting crazy so I need to get caught up so I can begin sharing those (lots of cute baby things).


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