Friday, November 28, 2014

A Year of Projects: Projects 34, 35, 36 & 37

This year I am to complete 52 projects - here are some of them:

Project 34: A tiny In Threes to have ready for our February girl (still in need of blocking as is almost everything I post). I absolutely love this simple pattern and wish I had the resources and time to make one for every girl I know. All the nieces received one for last years Christmas and I guess I will be set for our second daughter as I can continue to hand down those that I outgrows and I make her larger ones. Definitely check out the pattern if you haven't - it's one of those that is very rewarding to make but comes together really quickly and easily...this is the seventh one I have made!

Project 35: Another Sally Dress for I. We were walking through the fabric store picking out yardage for a few projects and I had a really pretty blue printed fabric chosen for her next dress. Showing it to her and telling her what it was for she insisted I put it back and that she wanted something orange and then continued on to pick out the fabric for this project. She knows what she wants and she was smart in her choosing - this one is perfect for fall and will be a great choice to dress up in for Thanksgiving.

Project 36: A hat for one of I's friends. She has a lot of pals and a lot of party invites - keeps this mama busy, but I love every single one of the kiddos I have made one for so it is work I am happy to do and I love teaching her from an early age the joy of gifting handmade presents.

Project 37: A hat for a niece. This hat went to one of our nieces who is just a month younger than I. Apparently she loves it and doesn't ever want to take it off. That's the kind of thing I like to hear!

I am closing in on 52 but still crafting away and hoping this momentum continues once my goal is met. I know next year things will slow down creatively as we adjust to being a family of four, but I do believe I will continue to make more than I ever did before after having challenged myself this year.  For so long the lists and piles of supplies accumulated with high hopes, but I held myself back from really diving in - I am so glad to have moved on from that part of life as being creative makes me feel so much more like the person I want to be. What do you find fuels your creativity?



  1. Lovely handmades my friend. So happy you have found the creative flow again, I know how good it feels. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

  2. Love "In Threes!". although, your are ahead of me--I've made only two, but I'm contemplating yarn for the third which will go the needles after Christmas. Just finding your blog and loving it! Among other things, your quote in the sidebar of you home page.