Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Year of Projects: Project 30, 31, 32 & 33

This year I am to complete 52 projects - here are some of them: 

Project 30: Another birthday hat for one of I's friends.

Project 31: A wall of happiness for our living room. I collected thrifted frames for a long time before painting them all with craft paint and E covering them with a coat of clear sealer. There is plenty of room for this wall to grow as our family does...I just have to keep an eye out for more frames. These kinds of projects are slow going as we have to keep it affordable by buying used and refreshing, but they pay off is worth the wait.

Project 32: Felt Ravioli with Marinara. One of I's (and our) closest friends was celebrating her birthday and since I knew they were trying to gather some play kitchen goodies I decided to make her these raviolis with marinara sauce. Their family owns a restaurant that serves such delights so it felt especially fitting. Oh, and I made a second set for I's kitchen of course!

Project 33: A Hat for Me because I was in between things and always need something on the needles. I think it was this hat but it doesn't do that beautiful pattern justice! Not one I wear very often and I'll probably end up passing it along, but I'm always glad to have a project to work on and someone can definitely use it to keep their noggin warm! 

I have just completed project 48 and am working on a couple more today in hopes of having all holiday gifts completed and packaged before November's end. At that point we will turn toward crafting for our gal and having fun as a family...we have a chocolate factory tour planned for a few weekends from now to delight our sweetest girl. She was gifted a Curious George collection for her birthday and her favorite of those is Curious George Goes to the Chocolate Factory. I can't wait to let her visit one herself and make that story come to life - just not sure we will see any curious monkeys on our journey, but I guess you never know!


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  1. Love your wall of happiness, and that ravioli is awesome! Happy crafting!