Sunday, October 12, 2014


Just as we have transitioned into fall we are also preparing for more big transitions for our family. Just one more season to go and then sometime in February my second daughter will transition into my arms and we will once again figure our way through to a new normal. 

Pregnancy has passed by much faster this time, leaving me at around twenty-one weeks with no real clue how I got here so quickly and with a holiday season on the horizon I can only imagine the coming months will slip by in a similar fashion - I feel as if I'll take a breathe and wake up at thirty weeks, take another and have a baby in my arms. All the while I am keeping that time-frame in mind and trying to look ahead to any transitions that need to happen in our home or with I and to slowly work toward them so when February comes we can keep the rug from being pulled out from under her to such an extreme. Life will change for all of us in ways that will be beautiful and hard and so many things we won't understand or be able to prepare for until we are in them, so anything we can prepare her for and anything we can do to make that transition go a little more smoothly is definitely on my mental to-do list and all is well so far. much as everyone says that I will be a great big sister and as much as I agree due to her total love and adoration of babies, the way she tends to those both real and stuffing-filled, I still think there will be times when she tries to throw the baby out of my lap - and those are waters we will just have to tread once we reach them. 



  1. Congratulations my friend. I am so very happy for you. And another girl....whooohoooo!!!

    Nice to see you in your space again. xo

  2. Thanks Kim! We are so excited for Isadora to have a sister! And I must admit that I love knowing all of the hand-mades will have a longer lifespan in our home. :)

  3. Congratulations!! There will undoubtedly be sibling issues to work through, but it sounds like you're well equipped to handle them. :)

  4. Thank you and thank you for saying that! I'm sure there will be a learning curve for everyone but hopefully we'll have a smooth transition regardless. :)

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! This is such exciting news. I remember how you had a difficult time in those first months of motherhood and I'm just hoping and praying the adjustment to #2 is a smooth one for you. Everything will work out because it always does! And how wonderful to have a sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wishing you lots of rest. :)

  6. Thank you for your congratulations and words of encouragement. We sure did have a bear of a year with Isadora's first one, but we are hoping this next gal is more of a mello cello than her sister. ;) Luckily we do have a better support network now and I have some experience under my belt, but I do admit to being a bit terrified at times, but like you said it will work out because it always does. Words to hold on to! :)