Monday, July 28, 2014

A Year of Projects: Projects 18 & 19

This year I aim to complete 52 projects - here are some of them:

Project 18: Large photos for our walls. I waited around a few months for a good coupon code and was finally able to order three 20x30 and one 12x18 prints at an affordable price. Paired with coupons and sales for the frames I was finally able to add family photos to our walls that were begging for them. The two on top are above our bed, the black and white one is in our wild bathroom and the one on the right is on a wall in our dining room area. We have a long way to go to fill our walls in a way that feels right, but these have made a huge difference and make me really happy. 

Project 19: A larger knit blanket for my girl. This is the giant project that kept me away from others for so long, but it was worth every stitch as I love how it turned out. I saw something similar on Purl Soho ages ago and it never left my mind for long so I knew one day I would have to do a version of it. I finally found the colors I wanted with Blue Sky Alpaca Organic Cotton and got to work - a few months later here we are. I could have saved time using larger needles, but I didn't want to wait until I could get them so used what I had. It did take longer using 7s instead of 10s, but it makes for a nice tight knit and a super cozy and comfy blanket to snuggle under for story time.

Are you a knitter? Have you knit anything lately? I do love the time with yarn and needles, but am thinking I need to become better acquainted with my sewing machine too for a few projects that can be finished in a night or two rather than a month or two. I would probably get more sleep that way at least!


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  1. The photos are gorgeous, and that blanket, a work of love for sure. It is beautiful, love the colours.