Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Year of Projects: Projects 15, 16 & 17

This year I aim to complete 52 projects - here are some of them:

Project 15: Simple swing set for our family. We didn't want a large framed set for the limited space we have in our yard, so we looked up plans and ideas and E put them into place to build the wood frame, adding a swing our daughter received for her birthday and another swing with brackets that can hold up to 350lbs so any adult we know could enjoy some swinging too. We then dug out the dirt, lined the edges with pavers and moved lots of wood chips in to fill in underneath. Grass would have been perfectly fine, but we have a dog that loves to dig and dig and dig, so we were trying to minimize the amount of tripping holes and the amount of mud being tracked into our home, so this is perfect. I requested a hanging planter on each end to brighten the place up and then we called it complete. 

Project 16: Water Table. I wanted something simple for outdoor water play but didn't want another big plastic thing in our backyard or to spend the money on one, so I found this under the bed box we already had and E and I put our heads together to settle on a simple plan and he found enough scrap wood to throw it together one night while I put our daughter to bed. This table is used every time we are outdoors by our own family and any visiting children and I love the simplicity of it. When the weather turns cooler it could also be used for sand/gravel/dirt. I'm thinking dirt with different rocks scattered throughout so our rock loving girl can go hunting for them.

Project 17: Pin Cushion. This one is plain and simple enough. Just a quick little project for a quick feeling of accomplishment. Plus, I'd been saving this little milk glass cup around for this purpose for ages, so glad to finally throw it together. 

Where has your creative energy been directed lately? Any fun creations or plans for those to come?



  1. Kim Corrigan-OliverJuly 20, 2014 at 8:27 PM

    You guys are enjoying this year of projects aren't you? It all looks so wonderful!

  2. Hi Sara! I haven't stopped by in a while and am so excited to see what you've been up to... clearly you've been busy and how big your little lovely has grown! Hope you are all well. :)

  3. I'm having a lot of fun with them for sure. I feel in a bit of a slump with getting many done lately with this beautiful summer upon us, but I know the cooler months will help me make up for that. :) Better to enjoy the warmth while it is here!

  4. Thank you Lauren! And yes, busy in such a way that I hardly ever make it here to post. ;) We are doing well though and I hope you all are too. I am so excited to hear about your adventure if you are allowed to share one day. Maybe after it has aired? Either way I am so glad you all had the opportunity to participate in such a once-in-a-lifetime experience.