Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

Spring is here as are endless time outdoors and in the garden, fallen nests, CSA bounties, a mother's day campout with my dearest mom friends, dirt under our fingernails and on our toes. We are in a challenging time lately as has been normal for us since diving into parenthood, but we are moving forward, trying every trick to make our girl happy and relieve her teething pain and I am occasionally hiding out to give my dear body a break while E takes over for a spell. Thank goodness we have a yard that is becoming my favorite little oasis, a place to play in the dirt to help strike a balance in our days, a little somewhere to breathe fresh air and see life sprout forth from the tiniest of seeds, something I will never tire of seeing or ever stop being amazed by. While we may not be in the easiest season of life we are in my favorite one so far, one of incredible growth and one in which I am more me than ever before while still having plenty of challenges to overcome and more than enough goals to last me a lifetime.



  1. Kim Corrigan-OliverJune 8, 2014 at 6:26 PM

    Hello there my friend, so nice to see you in your space. Things look good in your part of the world. So sorry you are facing some challenges at the moment, keep breathing and know that it will pass. And then as it passes and your feel like you just might have it all together, things will turn again and a new challenge will present itself. Such is parenthood. Happy to hear you are finding solace in your yard and your garden, as you know, we too find peace when we are outside in the yard or exploring in the woods. Sending hugs. xo

  2. Kim Corrigan-OliverJune 8, 2014 at 6:27 PM

    PS Your little one looks so big, and I love the new design :)

  3. Growth is a good thing! I have to remind myself of that often, especially in challenges. We have just past a big challenging time (a personal one for me), and the sweetness and lightness that comes afterwards is such a freeing feeling. Enjoy that beautiful garden - such a grounding place to be xx

  4. So glad to hear you had that freeing feeling. Growth is great, amazing really. It can be hard while it is happening, but there is always such a payoff on the other side. <3

  5. So big, so tall, so talkative and kind and particular and amazing. :)

  6. Ha, you have it exactly right...the roller coaster continues, but it's a fun ride at least. :)