Monday, April 14, 2014

A Year of Projects: Projects 7 & 8

This year I aim to complete 52 projects - here are some of them: 

Project 7: Cat Quilt for my daughter. This project was a labor of love and took many small sessions of sneaking in time at my sewing machine when able, but it came together just as I imagined and is my favorite project so far. Everything I have ever been taught about sewing comes from a home economics class I took in 1999, so I am basically flying by the seat of my pants and learning along the way and I am okay with that as it brought me to here and this fun quilt full of red corduroy cats for my girl. The background fabric is a light blue-green print while the backing is 6 or so strips of different fabrics I already had on hand all sewn together and finished with handmade bias tape from some of the same gray fabric that is folded over on the top. I have a small book of quilt square patterns I once picked up at a garage sale that contains a cat square, but I wanted to search to see if their were any others and that led me to another blog. I liked that look a lot better so E looked at it and then made me some larger sized templates in Adobe Illustrator that I used to cut out all 300 pieces of these 30 squares. While I am no expert I think I am made for quilting. It really speaks to the side of me that enjoys repetition, tedious tasks and being able to see continuous progress. Roxanne seems to feel right at home on the quilt as well so I guess it's a keeper.

Project 8: A trio of knitted balls for the ball basket. This one is pretty simple. After a play date at a friends house and seeing a knit ball there it rekindled my desire to finally find a decent pattern and make some of my own. I used this pattern called Little Ball and worsted weight for the blue/purple and the striped balls and sock weight for the orange gradient ball, filling them with stuffing from an old pillow we had on hand. I have since searched for other patterns and made a tiny ball as well using this pattern called Orb-It Ball. They are both nice patterns but I do enjoy that the second is one continuous piece and knit up a lot faster for me due to that.

More projects to come as I tick away at the goal of 52 in a year. I'm still feeling pretty good about that goal so far.

What have you been making lately?



  1. Kim Corrigan-OliverApril 14, 2014 at 9:54 AM

    That quilt is awesome! Nice work. I love knitted balls, I have gifted many but never made any for my little man, might be time :) The making around here has been Easter related, a few little baskets, a little bunny and a few gnomes. Fun stuff.

  2. Love the quilt!! Those cat silhouettes are precious & the gray fabric looks pretty too. Does it have dots on it?

  3. Awesome. I just make cookies.

  4. Thank you! The gray fabric has the tiniest little white flowers on it. :)

  5. Thank you! It was a definite labor of love and makes me happy each time I see it or snuggle up on it with my girl. I'm sure your Easter making was perfect. I love all that you make even when I don't get much time to comment on it lately. You are so creative and full of ideas.