Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29

Today felt like one of those days where I was just trying to get her to take a nap all day. I stay with her while she sleeps so it's not like I had somewhere to be, and with our car at the mechanic there was no way of going anyway, but she was tired and cranky and just would not give in. Yesterday was the same. These sorts of days can be challenging, but we did gather a couple more bags of donations for Goodwill and she did enjoy looking at her books and placing them in my hands for reading, I love that. Thankfully our car is back home and while we have been unable to enjoy much outside time lately with the unbelievably blazing temperatures we can at least flee the nest for a bit tomorrow, if we feel like it. 


Friday, August 16, 2013

There has been much talk about the anticipation of fall going around and while it is my favorite of the seasons I was not on board, choosing to relish in these warm sunny days rather than anticipating what's to come. But yesterday it hit me, with the windows and doors thrown open, a light breeze causing our porch chimes to clink and clatter and the feeling of that cool breeze across my skin, falls approach sneaked into my bones and the anticipation set in. A family trip to the pumpkin patch, corduroy and cardigans, warm cups of tea and a baby in hand knits, yes, I can get on board with that. At the same time, I know it will come soon enough and I have every intention of enjoying these long sunny days while they're here. We have been taking walks, swinging at the park, picking tomatoes from the garden, and enjoying every last drop of sunshine while it lasts. Although I did cast on for a little sweater last night - in preparation - because after fall comes winter and that one's a bit harder for me to swallow. 

What about you? Are you preparing for the changing of seasons or just focusing on today? Maybe a mix of both?

Wishing a happy weekend to you all!


Thursday, August 8, 2013


This week I am grateful for...

...a home becoming more organized and less full of stuff each day.

...a weekend with my sister, nieces and brother-in-law.

...a healthy delicious vegan food truck.

...knowing a new baby nephew is on the way come January. many nights snuggling my baby to sleep on my chest, such a treat. sweet husband and a hand on my knee while we sit together in the evening.

...spending time with all of my mama friends at the Big Latch On at the farmers market last Saturday.

...hope and faith and love.

...a baby who loves holding the tiny freshly picked tomatoes from our garden.

...a giant salad for supper.

...time with my mama tribe today.

What are you feeling most grateful for this week?


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Snuggles and Love

Tonight she went to bed with a stuffy nose, one she woke up with yesterday morning. All of our normal nightly routines would just not do, so after a bit of nursing I snuggled her to my chest, into the crook of my arm and with her skin pressed against my own, and she fell right to sleep. These moments are rare as our girl is not one to spend her days snuggling, preferring to tinker and explore, even when in our arms or laps. So, for an hour and a half we lay like that, snuggled together and me enjoying every moment of it. The folded laundry can be put away tomorrow - or not, the floors can be cleaned tomorrow - or not, I can take a shower come morning - or...probably should prioritize that, but tonight I was able to snuggle my baby so close and I will always do so when she needs me to so long as I am able. I write it here to look back on as I don't want to lose the memory of these moments. I don't want to forget feeling her belly moving up and down with my own, or the way her heart tapped against my chest. I don't want to forget the warmth that is still lingering on my skin from holding her to my body or the imprint of her ear on my arm. No stranger to how quickly the days are passing, I try with every ounce of my being to enjoy each one I have with her. These are the good days, they are the best.