Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I am grateful for... husband and my daughter, always and forever.

...our safety. I am going to assume these terrible storms and tornados are going to pass us by without a hitch (while being prepared to flee to the basement if necessary). siblings. I don't currently get to see them all that often, but am forever thankful for them being in my life. And wouldn't you know it, on July 5 we will all be in the same place at the same time for family photos, even all of the spouses and kids. That hasn't happened in ages. 

...the strength to challenge myself.

...friends in other countries that cause me to smile when I open my mailbox.

....a new garden that is almost ready for planting. We will have a shorter season this year, but it will be ready and waiting for us even earlier in Springs to come. 

...time to plant a few seeds in the already established garden where my strawberries also reside. Cucumbers and three types of lettuce are in the ground and the cucumbers were already peeking through today.

...block feeding and seeing more curds in my girls diaper. This is maybe TMI, but after struggling with oversupply for so long I finally have hope that we will have a rash free bottom and a more relaxed tummy here soon. love love.

What are you feeling thankful for these days?


Monday, May 13, 2013


Today I am grateful for...

...being able to choose who I spend my time with and communicate with, knowing surrounding myself with positivity will help me move even closer to the life I imagine.

...a simple and lovely first Mother's Day weekend with my sweet daughter and husband.

...a Mom who loves me endlessly and is intensely silly to boot, can't wait to see her tomorrow.

...the way my heart swells when my husband has walked our daughter to sleep in the ergo and she is snuggled into his chest, sleeping peacefully. My heart melts each and every time.

...finding a group of other nursing moms to meet up with each week. 

...dietary changes that have made a remarkable impact on my daughters comfort and attitude. She has never been this happy. 

...a hummingbird at the feeder while eating lunch with my family and plans to plant flowers for them, the butterflies and the bees.

What are you feeling grateful for today?


Tuesday, May 7, 2013


She's been resting soundly for going on thirty minutes since nursing to sleep. She giggled and hooted for awhile but finally gave in to slumber, nestling into my side as she does each time we find ourselves in this position. With a grumbling stomach and a full bladder my body is urging me to flee and with enough time having passed I feel it is safe. Yet, when I slowly roll away, peeling our bodies apart as gently as I am able, she rolls toward me, kicking one leg onto my thigh, latching back on and wrapping a tiny hand around the thin green cotton of my shirt, silently begging me to stay. Though I can smell vegetables sauteing on the stovetop, can feel my bladder becoming fuller by the second and have an endless list of to-dos, I stay. We snuggle close, our limbs intertwined and her face more relaxed than I have seen it any other day throughout this challenging week of teething. I try to engrave these moments into my memory, the synching of our breathe, the sharing of our warmth, the way her small round cheek feels resting upon the skin of my breast for I am wise enough to know these moments are finite, the ones I will miss most when they have passed.


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Monday, May 6, 2013


Today I am grateful for...

...a Sunday with a baby whose mouth was open quite a bit, but this time to aid in her screeching and saying Mama rather than out of pain. dollar starter plants from the community garden sale to replace some of those that my lovely pooch demolished, all sorts of lovely heirloom tomatoes, a bit of mint and a couple pots full of lavender. 

...a week of seventy degree days on the horizon. nursing bras to bring me from feeling frumpy to being a bit more put together while still being able to easily meet the needs of my little nursling.

...all things green and edible, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, big bowls if mixed greens. I can't get enough. 

...a husband who does so much for our family each and every day.

...women who can tell my baby is breastfed just by noticing her "nursing jowls". I wonder if I'll be able to tell the same one day? It made me smile to connect with someone in this way.

...tickles to baby armpits that leave her shaking with laughter.

What are you feeling most grateful for today?