Monday, December 23, 2013

Loving Who You Are

The morning sun caught in my mug.

Loving who you are is not something that comes easy for all and the more I experience in life the more I tend to lean toward the thought that it is something that in fact may not come easy for most, although I do think there are some who do so naturally or are able to come to that place very early in their journey. For me it has been a very long process with the very lowest of lows and a few peaks along the way, but only since becoming a mother am I really growing to that place of true love for myself for exactly who I am. Constantly changing and growing and finding how I want to live this life has brought me to many experiences but tonight I just felt at peace with the here and now of who I am. With my sweet daughter having been nursed and snuggled to sleep I sat in on her play rug wrapping gifts, seven different items knit with love for those that I care for most and a few other items handmade by myself or by others to gift as well, wrapping them up in brown paper bags with tiny notes on their washing instructions while I could hear the buzz of my husbands saw as he tinkered away at making a wooden barn for that very daughter asleep in our bed - in that moment I found the aforementioned peace, felt as is if we were living the life we have imagined or at least a version of it we can appreciate and enjoy.

Many mornings I pull myself out of bed with an already perky baby girl on my hip and have to choose how I will greet the day. Will I let the day get the best of me with its unexpected events to come or will I get the best of it by greeting it with the intention of making it my own and filling it with the best that I am able? Some days are less than stellar but on many I choose to start it off with our galloping into the living room singing "live the life you've imagined, live the life you've imagined, live the life you've imagined, bump bump bump bum bum" and while it may sound silly it can make all the difference in the world. That phrase can carry me through the day and impact each thing that I do in a wonderful way and make a better day for all seven of us living beneath this roof. And today? Today I would say we were living the life we've imagined, not perfectly, not in all its glory, but I think that is the way it probably goes, for if there were no room left for growth there would be a world full of some rather dull and monotonous moments. There is no telling what tomorrow will bring but I know I will be aiming to live the life I've imagined in whichever ways I am able, I hope you will too.



  1. Kim Corrigan-OliverDecember 23, 2013 at 7:16 AM

    It is pretty darn awesome what these little beings can do for us, eh? I too have learned so much about myself over the last five years, as well as really finding our vision, as a family, for the future, and that in itself brings peace to our lives. It is one amazing journey I am so very happy to be on. It isn't always easy, but on those days when things go right, you find peace and you choose to be happy...well those days make it all worth it.

  2. They most definitely do and I think of you all often, just thinking that I am still pretty early on in this journey and that it is very likely that in five years I will have grown to another place I could only imagine, knowing you have mentioned your life changing and your family growing and changing as well since Reece was born. I have never felt so sure of what I have wanted in my life and while I am still not set in stone on most things I do feel like I have a much clearer vision of what we are working toward. So glad to have connected with you along the way.