Thursday, December 19, 2013

December 19, 2013

All of the knitting is complete, all four sweaters had buttons sewn on this evening and now there is just a bit of blocking and packaging before we call it a wrap. This weekend brought us to one of our favorite spots for brunch followed by a very snowy fun time in the great outdoors at an art event and to let Iz get a taste for the snow. Not thinking she's a huge fan yet, but I think she will grow to enjoy it more in the years to come. 

This time of year is always a bit odd for me but feeling a bit more strange right now. Nothing huge, just feeling a bit disconnected from our mama-baby friend pairs. With a mix of not living very close, sickness floating around the kiddos and other activities it has been over a month since we have seen anyone outside of family and I am missing them all. Looks like we will have to make a big effort to get out there and reconnect at the next opportunity. 

And wouldn't you know Christmas is less than a week away? Not sure how it snuck up on us, but we are enjoying the extra family get togethers and more time for the three of us together with extra time off for the holidays. We have kept our gift giving even simpler than ever before and I am at peace with that. I used to worry so much about trying to make everyone happy, about keeping up appearances, about quantity but year after year we keep finding our way to an even simpler place and I'm enjoying that process and looking forward to seeing how things morph in this area over time. Gift giving is interesting in general but has become especially interesting since having a child. We could easily pile her up with toys and things, but we don't want that for her and by observing her and knowing her well we know that isn't what she wants either. Always more happy to play with her little tin cup, her scrap of fabric, her stack of old c.d.'s...burying her in toys just overwhelms her, so we have kept it very simple. Even then I feel like it could be too much for all at once, but figure she can explore each little thing a little at a time. I'm sure to most it would seem like not much at all, but I know she will be thrilled with the few little items we have tucked away for her and will love the extra time with her family. Hopefully the nieces and nephews will enjoy their knit items as well. If nothing else at least they will be warm! 

That's about all for now. Right now I'm just hoping to slow down a bit now that my holiday crafting is mostly complete, enjoy this time with my loved ones and figuring out how I will spend my evenings now that these hands have a bit more free time. There might just be a little Mama or Buggy knitting that is calling my name...



  1. Sounds like a lovely way to celebrate the holidays. Enjoy this time. Wishing you peace and love.

  2. I missed you in this space. Glad to have a little update. It sounds like you're focusing on all of the things this season is all about. Merry Christmas, Sara!

  3. And the same to you sweet friend!

  4. So glad to "see" you here. We have had some very full days lately but I'm glad to check back in here from time to time and hope to have more chances to do so here soon. Merry Christmas to you as well Janelle! :)