Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013

We are still chugging along around here and living our day-to-day with as much joy and fun mixed in with the work as we can manage. Our work on simplifying slowed down for a bit as those things tend to do, breaks mixed in with sprints, but yesterday I began another stretch. This one ought to be a doozy with the suitcase of old journals I have stumbled upon, but I will be so glad to release that weight as well.

In other news I woke up the other day with a lot of pain in an area of my mouth where I had a root canal as a teenager. When I was around eight weeks pregnant with Iz I had went in for a small dental procedure and my dentist predicted that area would need a new cap in a couple of years and he seemed pretty spot on because here we are. With no dental insurance this is not the best news but we will figure it out someway somehow as we always do and I will keep tapping into the positivity jar with as much gusto as I can round up. Although I did throw a book the other day when it mentioned everything happening for a reason and for helping us grow and help others and so on and so forth. Let it be known I am not in the habit of throwing books, but I was reading said book to try to help me calm down and gain some perspective after a pretty uncomfortable couple of days and nights and was already crying so hearing that it was basically all for the best was a bit too much.  I actually do believe that to be true and I know some of the things we have been dealing with lately will give me knowledge and strength to help others (mainly the nursing issues and Iz's procedure) but I am so over it. So over learning the lessons and gaining the strength. There has been a lifetime of this due to much larger family issues and I was just hoping for a bit of that sweet and easy kind of living for awhile. Luckily I am not giving in or giving up hope, but if you have any positive thoughts, prayers or good loving energy you could send our way I sure would appreciate it. 

In the meantime I'll be snuggling that sweet Bug, visiting my nieces and sister, loving on my husband, nurturing friendships and moving forward. 



  1. Kim Corrigan-OliverNovember 7, 2013 at 12:53 PM

    Sending lots of positive energy, love and light. Hugs.

  2. this is basically the only bee i wouldn't mind buzzing around me.

    i hope you can find some relief with your mouth!

  3. Sending you warmth & positive energy! Just keep swimming.

  4. sending loads of love & sunshine your way missy! i've been so busy that i've not had time to catch up with my favourite reads and so i'm a bit behind here and not completely sure what you've been going through with nursing Izzy but my heart goes out to you sara! and can i just say, that if you need to throw a book once in a while, go ahead and throw one - no judgment here. plus books don't make quite the same mess as dishes :)