Monday, September 23, 2013

Simple Sunday

Sunday we were in desperate need of groceries so we headed that way, but in order to make our trip a little more worthwhile we stopped by Turtle Park for a bit of swinging (always), picnicking and playing and it was a really good call. The weather was beautiful, the swings were swinging and my husband, my baby, and myself were all smiling. These simple kinds of days are my favorite. A festival or attraction can be fun, but those kinds of things often leave me feeling a bit flustered due to the enormous crowds and a bit exhausted from keeping track of everyone and everything amongst the chaos. Worth it for the really good ones, but on an ordinary weekend the kind of sunday we had at the park is just our speed. And then today I finagled E into helping me with a small project for the backyard. We have hit a little obstacle with some cutting, but might be able to get started again as soon as tomorrow. More on that later...


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