Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

Those tomato plants just keep giving and giving and so I eat a lot of tomato sandwiches and when we make the fajitas we have on the menu for tomorrow we will be making another big batch of salsa to go with them. Today has been rough as we are all stuffy-nosed and sore-throated again so our girl was having a rough day and so was I, but Leroy came home from surgery with the cutest little tractor covered cast. He has a long road to recovery ahead and we have a ways to go to cover his costs, but with each dollar we are getting closer and with each day he will be one day closer to being back to wrestling with Roxy. Six weeks of bed rest are on the horizon for little dude which will be an adjustment for all of us, but we have his x-pen set up between the living room and playroom so he can still be in on the action while resting his ankle. 

Does that give us away as crazy animal folks? That we just happen to have an x-pen laying around? Lilly spent time in it as a pup when she would eat floors and walls, Jasper spent his first weeks in it while we nursed him through his fight with parvo, a pair of stray beagles had their turn with it until we found their home and now Leroy will have the longest stay yet. Luckily E was already set to be using his vacation days next week so we can get through that first week and a half together, although E may go in a few hours here and there (for pay) to help cover some of the vet costs. Not ideal, but we do what we have to do, right? Iz's birthday is situated right in the middle of the week though and E has made it clear that he won't be coming in or checking his e-mail at that time. We will be busy bringing I to the butterfly house, taking her on her first carousel ride and having a picnic at the park if the weather is on our side. We will have a small party with family and our closest friends on the following Saturday which will be fun but maybe a bit overwhelming for our girl, so Wednesday will be something that is slow and easy and that will no doubt make her smile...can't wait to see how she reacts to those butterflies surrounding her. 



  1. How can it be a year already..much too fast. Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate. Have a great time.

    Good luck with Leroy, six weeks of bed rest for a dog, that won't be easy. And I do hope you guys are feeling better soon.

  2. Much too fast indeed. I can't believe it. Exciting in lots of ways, but so hard to swallow in others.

    And thanks for the good luck and well wishes. It should be an interesting six weeks!