Monday, September 16, 2013

September 16, 2013

This weekend was for the most part about as full and wonderful as I had hoped for. Saturday allowed me time to visit with my friend and her tiny twin girls as they snuggled to her chest. Having that baby-free time to catch up and talk about our lives was pretty wonderful and something I have missed. I am never in a hurry to be away from my sweet girl, but your mind does work a lot differently when you aren't holding a conversation and tending to a child's needs at the same time and it was nice to enjoy that for an hour. Plus, Iz was busy at work with E, dropping off Goodwill donations and picking up some groceries and lunch for us to enjoy at the park once they picked me up at the hospital, and of course there was some swinging at said park as well.

And Sunday? Well, that was when my sister and crew arrived in St. Louis! We left home early to attempt a car nap and to swing by a local yarn shop so I could get started on some affordable but from the heart Christmas presents. After that it was moving time and I am so glad about that. E contributed his muscles and I contributed my toddler entertaining, so I hope that helped make things a bit easier. Now they are settling in and I'll be interested to see how far they have chipped in to cardboard box mountain the next time I stop by. You always forget how intense moving is until you see it happening once again. 

We headed home later than expected but were lucky that Iz fell asleep on the way. Unfortunately, as I was nursing her back to sleep after the transfer, E let the dogs out to pee and stretch and Leroy (our tiny long-haired chihuahua) hurt his leg in some random fluke accident. I wasn't there to hear it, but E said the noises he was making were pretty terrible and when he went outside the other two dogs were just staring at him and wondering what was going on. He was hopping around (and still is) holding up one of his rear legs as it dangled and flopped around. We thought it might have been a luxating patella which is common with chihuahuas but he seemed to not be in much pain so we decided it was safe to wait to see our own vet in the morning rather than going to the 24 hour emergency clinic. E brought him in first thing and the vet said unfortunately it wasn't a luxating patella (which would be easier to fix/heal) so they took an x-ray and found he has dislocated his ankle. He is now on pain medication and has an appointment at an orthopedic specialist first thing tomorrow morning. The vet couldn't believe he wasn't acting as if he was in pain because with that kind of injury he should be hurting pretty badly. The thing is, Leroy could be being poked with a needle from every direction and he will just cower and take it all without fighting. Just typing it makes me tear up. He has been like this since he came to us and I know it's from his four years of living in a cage and people doing whatever they want to him, so while it makes it easy for vets or us to care for him or provide medical treatment, it's also heartbreaking. While I don't want to see any of our pets in pain, it's hardest when it is him because I feel like he has been through so much already and just wish I could protect him from every feeling any pain or fear ever again. Here's hoping they can help him with an adjustment and a splint tomorrow rather than needing surgery to correct it, both for his sake and ours. I counted up our change stash and that will make a dent in the already large bills, but I'm scared to see what the damage is tomorrow. I might have to start brainstorming fundraising ideas but for now we just have to get him healed. I know it will all work out in the end and we will find our way. 

So, although we had a crazy end to the weekend, it was a good one and will lead to many more exciting times to come now that all of my siblings are back in the area. 

I hope you all had a nice weekend too. Did you do anything special?



  1. Oh no, so sorry about Leroy. Hope it goes well today.

  2. My heart goes out to you and Leroy. He is blessed to be part of your family, and I'm sure he knows it. Keep us apprised of fundraising ideas.