Friday, September 13, 2013

September 13, 2013

Today was simple but seemed particularly long and full. We started out with a trip to the chiropractor and then found our way to E's office for lunch and Buggy fell asleep on the very short trip from the first stop to the second. Luckily E was on a call and couldn't come to us right away so she had a short cat nap to fuel our lunch and then stayed awake quietly relaxing in her seat all the way home. At home she crawled all around the house, had another short nap, we walked around the yard, watched the dogs, sat on the rug in front of the door together and watched the school buses pass by, that sort of thing. With the wind blowing through the windows we snuggled into the couch to nurse and cuddle for longer than she will usually put up with and then she was off again to crawl over to her stack of books which she continued to flip pages in for quite awhile while I was able to finish a book of my own. Nothing too special happened today but I feel hopeful and at peace about a lot of things I haven't felt that way about in some time. I felt like I could breathe again and felt like I am doing a good job. While each day has its own obstacles and to-do lists, each one also has freshly organized cabinets with my husband, a sweet clean baby snuggled up in footy pajamas, a cooler day that gives a glimpse of fall, a pan of roasted cauliflower, you get the just, plenty of little wonderful things to focus on and enjoy each and every single day. Plus, there is always hope for even more wonderful things to come in the next day. 

We have the weekend ahead of us now and I am going to be mindful of embracing it and not wasting it away. A sweet friend of mine delivered her twin girls a few weeks ago at just 27 weeks and I hope to get a chance to swing by to meet them for the first time and to visit with her as well. Then on Sunday my sister, her family, and a truck full of their belongings will arrive and we will start another adventure of being in the same town again. Hopefully between those things we can also find time to get to a park for our girl to swing for a bit, take some walks, do a bit more cleaning and also lots of hugging. E laughs at me a lot when I say, "let's just sit and hug" but you know...sometimes you just gotta do it.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful weekend filled with many small pleasures as well. 



  1. Sounds like a full weekend, but full in a good way. Enjoy it and yes, "sit and hug" for a bit :)

  2. You have to get those cuddles in when you can! :)

  3. I did make sure to hug for a bit. :) And the weekend did end up very full, but yes, mostly in a very good way.

  4. I know what you mean about conversation being different when you're not tending a baby. It's so hard to really focus on another person when you're trying to keep a kiddo happy too. Glad you got some good mama time!

  5. I knew the other mamas would understand. :)