Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Library Day: Mama & Buggy Picks

For Mama:
Finally got my paws on the newest Anne Lamott and have already dug in. So so good. 

For Buggy:
As you can see she has already dug in as well. Top picks are Pat the Zoo and Llama Llama Hoppity-Hop.

The illustrations in Mommies Say Shhh! are wonderful and clever but Bugs doesn't really care for it. I'm secretly hoping she falls a bit more in like with You Are My Little Pumpkin Pie because I am a huge fan for it's Fall-based illustrations and sweet simple words. I want to read it to her over and over again, she does at least love the ridges from the pie tin on the front. 

What have you or you and your little one been reading lately? Any good ones we should keep our eyes out for? I love that she is already becoming a patron of our wonderful local libraries. Their board book selections are stellar.



  1. Saved is on my list of books to read, heard good things about it. Little man and I were at the library today :)

  2. It was on my list for the same reason of hearing good things, but today it found me! :) Guess now is the time to get reading!

  3. Saved looks interesting! I just read simplicity parenting and found it really interesting. He talks a lot about creating rhythm and routine in your child's life and allowing lots of time for unstructured play. I think you might enjoy it.

  4. I've only read about 15 pages of Saved so far, but I'm enjoying it so far. Thanks for the recommendation of Simplicity Parenting, I just put in a request for it from my library.