Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fundraising for Leroy Brown

As much as we hoped and wished and prayed that little dude would not have to have surgery and that they would be able to repair his injury with an adjustment and a splint, that is not the case. We brought him in this morning and the specialist gave us surgery as the only option, so tomorrow he will be going in. We have set up a fundraising page if any generous animal-loving readers happen to stop by. You can go to the page (here: ) for the entire story and details. Even just sharing the link with others you think might be interested in helping would be extremely helpful.

More than anything, please keep little Leroy Brown in your thoughts as he has his surgery tomorrow. He has to stay the night after and that is already bringing tears to my eyes. He is a strong little guy though, so I think he will be just fine.