Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A So Good Very Wonderful Day

Today was so simple and so normal but very wonderful. Upon waking and opening the door for the dogs for my first time of the day, I knew it was shaping up to be a beautiful one with a clear blue sky and slightly cool early morning air. Rather than worrying about little details or thinking things through to much I followed small yearnings and saw where they would take us. After breakfast, our usual period of sitting outside with the dogs and a sweet little nap in which she nursed and we rocked and I sang and we snuggled, I changed her diaper and stuck her into a carrier and we were off on a walk to take in the neighborhood and help some fresh air into our lungs. 

Another short nap and a bit of lunch and we were off to the library to renew my card, gather books for us both and to take in the newly opened community garden. Not wanting to head home so soon I took a side road the back way to a park across the river and little Buggy enjoyed swinging just as long as I would allow for in the bright sun and threw out so many laughs and giggles that filled my heart with some much needed joy. We then retreated to the shade of nearby trees and hopped from one to another while examining their different barks and leaves and when it was time to go we cuddled in for another nursing session before hitting the road. 

And back at home? Some time out back with the dogs before another snuggly nap and before we knew it little miss was lighting up with smiles as her Daddy's truck turned the corner and then we headed off for another walk, her on my chest and my hand holding onto one from the man I love. So good. So so good. More time out back and a nursing to sleep and I would call that a perfectly ordinary but wonderful day.



  1. This whole day sounds like heaven. I love how much time you spend with her outdoors! The best gift you can give a child!

  2. Kim Corrigan-OliverJuly 25, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    What a joy filled day!

  3. It was a good one. Simple and lovely. :)

  4. I think so too, thanks friend. Right now we have to travel a bit to get to the really good stuff, but I find places and times to connect with nature where we the garden, at nearby parks, on our walks, whatever we can manage. :)