Friday, June 21, 2013


I'm thrilled that it's Friday, ecstatic at the thought of two full days as a family and having time with the man that I love. Things are changing for me lately, gradually but also ever so quickly. It's quiet work, the kind happening beneath the surface and not apparent to those around you, but the most important kind of work there may be. My approach to life and the way I spend my days is changing. I want less time plugged in and more time tuned in, freeing my mind of the clutter and giving it room to rest and breathe. I want more time with busy hands and free thoughts, more time connecting with the earth and less with a screen in my view. More projects in my hands with  more items of beauty and function created. I long for less fear and more connection, for honesty and community and vulnerability. I crave slowing down and snuggling up, but also bouts of vigorous walking and lungs full of fresh air and a body warmed by the sun. My heart craves simplicity and my mind a simplified home. Things are changing, of that I am sure.

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  1. Yes, so much more slowness where I can get it. This battle with anxiety is rough, but it's causing me to make many positive changes.