Tuesday, May 7, 2013


She's been resting soundly for going on thirty minutes since nursing to sleep. She giggled and hooted for awhile but finally gave in to slumber, nestling into my side as she does each time we find ourselves in this position. With a grumbling stomach and a full bladder my body is urging me to flee and with enough time having passed I feel it is safe. Yet, when I slowly roll away, peeling our bodies apart as gently as I am able, she rolls toward me, kicking one leg onto my thigh, latching back on and wrapping a tiny hand around the thin green cotton of my shirt, silently begging me to stay. Though I can smell vegetables sauteing on the stovetop, can feel my bladder becoming fuller by the second and have an endless list of to-dos, I stay. We snuggle close, our limbs intertwined and her face more relaxed than I have seen it any other day throughout this challenging week of teething. I try to engrave these moments into my memory, the synching of our breathe, the sharing of our warmth, the way her small round cheek feels resting upon the skin of my breast for I am wise enough to know these moments are finite, the ones I will miss most when they have passed.


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  1. Beautiful words and a beautiful moment.

  2. Well we are still napping together with me trapped on many occasions so sometimes it doesn't end! But I do remind myself that this will not be forever whenever I'm wanting to go get stuff done and stuck snuggling- it's pretty sweet :)

  3. I am not going to lie here, I am jealous of your snuggle time. I started Lotus sleeping separate from me when she was 1 month old and we've never slept near each other since. She can't sleep on me, near me or even in the same room. I am thankful that she can sleep on her own, but I feel like I've missed out on something. Your moment sounds absolutely wonderful.