Monday, May 20, 2013


Today I am grateful for... husband and my daughter, always and forever.

...our safety. I am going to assume these terrible storms and tornados are going to pass us by without a hitch (while being prepared to flee to the basement if necessary). siblings. I don't currently get to see them all that often, but am forever thankful for them being in my life. And wouldn't you know it, on July 5 we will all be in the same place at the same time for family photos, even all of the spouses and kids. That hasn't happened in ages. 

...the strength to challenge myself.

...friends in other countries that cause me to smile when I open my mailbox.

....a new garden that is almost ready for planting. We will have a shorter season this year, but it will be ready and waiting for us even earlier in Springs to come. 

...time to plant a few seeds in the already established garden where my strawberries also reside. Cucumbers and three types of lettuce are in the ground and the cucumbers were already peeking through today.

...block feeding and seeing more curds in my girls diaper. This is maybe TMI, but after struggling with oversupply for so long I finally have hope that we will have a rash free bottom and a more relaxed tummy here soon. love love.

What are you feeling thankful for these days?



  1. That is a great picture :) So excited for your July 5 meet up with family and can't wait to see the will share right? Happy to hear the gardening is going well for you, I remember that first summer garden with Reece, it was challenging to get it all in and some things just didn't get in.

    Happy to make you smile, enjoy the magazines :)

  2. Yes, I will share if everyone is okay with it! :) I'm so excited to have us all together.

    We are relatively new gardeners as is and last summer with the extreme heat and my being so pregnant and not tending to it as I should, didn't do so well. I think this year will be better than last no matter what. :)

  3. So sweet, I love men cooking with babies... it's my thing! Hope you are indeed safe from the storms- so scary.

  4. It's a good "thing" to have. I can't wait to see her up on a stool helping us out when she grows. And thank you, we were safe from the storms and hope no more come our way. I'm not a fan of living in tornado country, but so it least we have a basement!