Monday, May 6, 2013


Today I am grateful for...

...a Sunday with a baby whose mouth was open quite a bit, but this time to aid in her screeching and saying Mama rather than out of pain. dollar starter plants from the community garden sale to replace some of those that my lovely pooch demolished, all sorts of lovely heirloom tomatoes, a bit of mint and a couple pots full of lavender. 

...a week of seventy degree days on the horizon. nursing bras to bring me from feeling frumpy to being a bit more put together while still being able to easily meet the needs of my little nursling.

...all things green and edible, asparagus, broccoli, spinach, big bowls if mixed greens. I can't get enough. 

...a husband who does so much for our family each and every day.

...women who can tell my baby is breastfed just by noticing her "nursing jowls". I wonder if I'll be able to tell the same one day? It made me smile to connect with someone in this way.

...tickles to baby armpits that leave her shaking with laughter.

What are you feeling most grateful for today?



  1. A beautiful list. Today I am grateful for sunshine, green things popping up everywhere, walks in nature with my little man, a forest floor full of trilliums, and spending more time outside then inside. Have a lovely week and enjoy those temperatures :)

  2. Such wonderful things to be grateful for. More time outside then inside is always a good thing.

  3. today i am grateful for a sweet 2 hour nap i shared with woodrow this morning, a long hot shower that i didn't have to rush through because my mother in law was with the little one, and then an hour out and about all by myself (even though i spent it shopping for cloth diaper detergent and all i could do was think about getting back home for a baby cuddle).

  4. Oh those moments sound glorious. Isn't it the way it goes, we look forward to a moment to ourselves and then spend the whole time missing our babies or doing things for them? :)