Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Slice of Life: Take 9

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I'll tell you what, life has been crazy this past week and a half. We traveled to visit my sister and had a wonderful time seeing them all and having the kiddos together, but on Sunday when we went to leave we faced a snow storm that left us with over a foot of snow and us traveling in it. It took us seven hours to get home when it would normally take four and I was in a state of stress the entire time due to the conditions. More than once I said, "We have no right having a baby on the road in these conditions!" and I'm sure E just loved having me along for that ride. I tried my best to keep my stress to myself as to not place more stress on our capable driver, but I just couldn't help it a few times. Had we known how bad it would be there is no way we would have been in that car and I know we will never get ourselves into that situation again, but who would have known the first weekend of Spring would give us such a surprise? Just glad that's over with and that we have good memories of our visit to look back on. 

Upon returning I was set to get our house back in order and get started on Spring, but after a busy Monday of unpacking and catching up on laundry, our girl ended up with a stomach virus of some sort and we were knee deep in vomit, strange diapers, and a baby who only wanted to sleep upright on our shoulders and chest for a couple of days. This past Friday she finally seemed back to herself, but each day other than Sunday we have had a vomit episode or two with her otherwise acting normally. At her six month checkup today we asked about the vomiting and there were no other signs of illnesses and infections, so the doctor wasn't concerned, but I have to say it is doing me in. Our girl had serious spit-up for the first few months, but has been nearly spit-up free since and this is like that but in much larger quantities, with force behind it and totally out of the blue. It hasn't happened while in public yet (other than in the car) and I'm kind of nervous to even go out much until it's stopped. Even when she is in her Ergo facing me, she will soak herself, my chest and shirt (I've had a filled bra or two) and while I try to catch as much as I can in a burp cloth, there will always be a puddle on the floor. While I know things happen, I just can't imagine dealing with all of that on the go unless I have to. If anyone has any insight on all this I would love to hear. 

With all of that, vet visits for a sore-eyed pooch, day-to-day responsibilities and with events every day in the past weekend for Easter we have been more busy than ever and I have had zero time to catch my breathe, but this weekend has nothing scheduled and I am hoping to finally catch up with myself and am crossing my fingers that we will be puke free before then. Once we are we will also be diving back into our baby led weaning adventures, but we are holding off on any more of that to take anything extra out of the equation. 

As you can imagine, I have had no time to comment on everyone's blogs, but I am reading and admiring via Iphone once I falls asleep but wants me next to her during her naps. Here's hoping I can find some breathing room soon, but regardless we are still charging forward and enjoying our time as a family. Plus, the predicted temperature for Saturday is near seventy and I am planning on soaking in every last warm drop of sunshine.



  1. Oh this parenting journey just keeps us on our toes doesn't it? Hugs to you, it sounds like a crazy week and that snowstorm, not fun. Glad you make it home safely. Hang in there, sunshine is coming (at least I hope so, we are ready for it here too).

  2. Yay! Another doggie snout pic. You know I love those. :)

  3. Jasper dedicates this one to you!

  4. It definitely does! The sunshine will make a world of a difference. We have warm days in the forecast, so hopefully that remains true. I hope the warmer days visit you soon too.