Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Never Dull

Life as I's mom is incredible, anxiety-producing, often hilarious, and never dull. Yesterday we traveled to my own mom's house and the morning went so smoothly that I once again felt like we had hit our stride and like I had a handle on this whole motherhood business. A relaxing stroll through a thrift store left us both with a fuller wardrobe and when shopping for nursery plants with Grammy Isadora had everyone flashing smiles her way as she flashed many of her own.

Later that afternoon things got interesting as she was holding her mouth open and would never let it fully close. All the while she would give out a breathy sound, much like she does when you try to let her explore any solid foods. On a walk in her stroller, not her favorite thing, but necessary with the heat of an afternoon in the 80's, she finally seemed asleep, but when looking down her mouth was gaped open in the same fashion and she was so still I insisted on checking to make sure she was okay, convinced that she was having some kind of allergic reaction to the early Spring air and couldn't possible be breathing. My checking on her, paired with a rumbling motorcycle, caused her to wake and the tears to start rolling and the day didn't get any easier from that point on.

And today? Today was like the kind of comedy that has you laughing but is almost too painful to watch. The mouth gaping started early on and my usual nursing-every-two-hours-like-clockwork baby refused to latch on for over five hours. I was dragging the pump around to make up for the couple of feedings she had skipped and trying all sorts of tricks to get her to take some milk, even if it wasn't from me. Turning to Dr. Google only had me more afraid as I saw posts about 7 day nursing strikes. With a baby who won't take a bottle, isn't interested in a cup and is obsessed with nursing, the thought of 7 days of refusing the breast was terrifying. Luckily, with a trick of her swing and some Bob Dylan (of course) she fell asleep for a short spell and I scooped her up and to the breast right away once her eyes popped open, tricking her into eating before she had a chance to remember her sore gums. 

Often when I tell my sister about I's behaviors, she says "Of course she would", it's almost a running joke by now...Of course she would throw up when getting even a bit of solid food into her mouth, Of course she would be the one to not want to nurse while teething, Of course she would scream when anyone else dare to touch her. Having a sensitive and particular baby is quite the adventure, but the wonderful thing is her ups are just as intense as her downs and we love her through every minute of it, as we climb those hills with her to enjoy her ups and as we are all toughing it out through the lows. No, life with I is never ever dull.


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  1. Just think of the stories you will have to laugh about in years to come :) Happy she is back at the breast, nursing strikes are not fun from what I hear. I have been lucky, little man has never had one.

  2. I love the "Anne of Green Gables" series, and one of my favorite little lessons contained therein is how Anne and Marilla both felt about their adopted twins, Davy and Dora. In case you haven't read them, Dora was perfectly behaved, never getting dirty, etc. Davy--on the other hand--while good hearted, was always up to some mischief. In a guilty moment, Anne admits to Marilla that she just might love Davy more, and Marilla agrees. The point being, sometimes the people who are a little trouble and really need us worm their way into our hearts and become the best beloved.

  3. Oh man. She sounds like a hoot. I know apologizing for it doesn't help, but I am sorry to hear it's been hard. Boy, babies are sure worth it, though. Teething is the pits... PITS. I'm just glad our babes won't remember this part of their lives! :)

  4. They are worth every moment, but my oh my, this week is especially rough, today being the worst. I know it'll pass though, like it all does and she sure does make up for it in between all the craziness.

  5. She is definitely beloved and I wouldn't change her even if it made for easier days. Boy can it be rough, but she is also completely incredible and I know these rough moments are working to change me into a stronger and more balanced person too, if I let them. I do think I should read that series.

  6. Oh yes, there will be plenty of stores. :) Today is another totally crazy one as the refusal of nursing is happening again, but I will keep working my tricks and trying to keep my cool and understanding and just make it through. The nursing part is the part that's hardest for me as she is always such an eager and frequent nurser...this going long stretches is hard, especially because I know she wants it but just can't handle the discomfort.