Thursday, April 11, 2013


She had a long day. A morning spent on my chest tending to the basil planter and making garden plans with E, followed by too much time in a carseat in a vehicle low on freon but high on wind, of which she is not a fan, as we were firmly reminded of yesterday during our long morning walk and an attempted afternoon picnic while everything fluttered each and every way. As we purchased a bit of soil and returned items of no use to us she was joyful, receiving "how cutes" and "I love those cheeks" from many. Yet, the car left her with a sweaty brow and a turned up lip and as we lie here together, her belly full of milk and eyes softly closed, I can't help but stroke my fingers across her hair a bit crispy with dried sweat and cheeks a bit flushed from the warmth of the day. These moments help to bring a much needed balance to our days.

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