Thursday, March 14, 2013

Taking Care of Me

I haven't had a lot of time for writing here lately, but I am going to try to make more time for such as it helps me to share and to connect with others. Life has been pretty great lately. After recovering from being sick last week I found my motivation and energy again after months of feeling rather slug-like and unmotivated to do much beyond surviving and taking care of my little goober. Those months were wonderful for what they were, but I am thrilled to dive in to this next season of our lives. It seems as the seasons are preparing to change, so am I, and it feels incredible. This week in particular I finally found the motivation to dive back in to taking care of myself. My hair was chopped to just below my chin and with that a weight was lifted. As my stringy broken postpartum hair fell to the floor I felt relief at a new beginning and at finally feeling good about myself again. I think the hair cut, the flipping my negatives into positives and the telling myself how beautiful and strong I am every day, even when it's hard, have made a big difference. Finding old letters from my love while cleaning out my side of the closet didn't hurt either. The way that man has loved me so fiercely from the very beginning does wonderful things for my soul.

The motivation to care for myself also extends to my dietary choices and I am glad to say I have found my way back to the kitchen and to preparing healthy delicious meals for our family. Thank you time change and a later bed time for Iz! I feel like we still have a ways to go, but with a tweak here and a nudge there (to our already plant-based diet) I feel like we are on a wonderful path to finding the nutrition we deserve through our food. I have found myself asking if I would rather eat less nutritious foods or have more time on this earth with my daughter and my husband and you better believe I will take just as many years, months, days, seconds I can get and if that means big bowls of greens and soups of squash, you can count me in. Sure, I may have a sweet here and there, but it is no secret that I am very addicted to sugar and it is hard for me to have in moderation, so I will probably have to steer pretty clear for the most part. It's funny in our society that when one chooses to opt out of eating sweets or many fried or non-nutritious foods they are said to be missing out, but I feel like by doing those things I am gaining so much more. My energy is better, my mood is improved ten fold, and by continuing eating in this manner my health will be more solidified. I don't see how any of that can be a bad thing.

So yes, Spring will be greeting us soon and I will be glad to welcome this new season with an improved attitude, ready to explore the world with a Bug on my hip and a belly full of energy providing nutrition. I hope this week is also treating you well.



  1. What a wonderful way to welcome spring. Your new haircut looks great and your attitude looking forward will serve you well. I always find a little motivation kick at this time of the year too, a little renewal of sorts, as the world around me starts to blossom.

  2. I just love that pic of you & Isadora! It shows her sense of wonder and your sillyness. Haha. I agree with you about the changing season and how it can affect us. It certainly feels like Spring here and I want to clean everything. Want being the key word... I haven't yet. Sometimes I think I could live in a place where it's warm all the time (cough* Florida *cough) but then I think I would miss the feeling of renewal, of getting the chance to start fresh four times a year. That's pretty special.

    I also struggle so much with eating healthy. I mean I eat a ton of vegetables & protein and vegetarian about 50-60% of the time maybe, but I NEED sugar. Eep... sorry for the long comment!

  3. It sounds like you're doing great! I know that it took me about 6 months post-birth to begin to feel like the world was right-side up again. But Spring is a good time to feel that renewal, and your hair is adorable!

  4. That is definitely how I feel. We are almost to six months and things are starting to feel a lot better. It has all been wonderful and quite the journey, but I feel much more on top of things these days and you are right about it being a good time for renewal. I'm glad the seasons are changing as I am.

  5. Thank you. She is so into exploring everything. I understand what you mean about the seasons. I would love to live somewhere that was warm all the time, but I can appreciate the seasons as well for their boosts and fresh starts, you're right about all of that.

    Sugar is so hard for me. I am definitely having to commit to a low sugar way of eating. Whenever I do I feel wonderful, but once I start eating too many foods with added sugars again it really influences my energy level and my moods. I wish it weren't that way, but oh well! :) Oh, and never be sorry for long comments, I love having a conversation with you.

  6. Thank you for the compliment, it feels really great to be taking care of myself and my family in a way that feels right for us and this time of the year is definitely helping me along. I hope this time of year treats you well. :)